PRESENTING: PICKLES garlic dills + bacon + roast potato

PICKLES! Pickles, pickles, pickles! I've never been a pickle person, I so I knew I had to dive face-first, and make a pickle sandwich. So I went to my local sandwich fixin'z spot The Hogtown Cure, a little naive, but willing, and wanting for pickles. The owner is this really super nice guy who always says hi, and asks you how your day is going, and you can tell he's always just trying to keep a lid on his passion for the meats and cheeses he curates, and all the top shelf canned products on hand. The enthusiasm is right at the surface, and he jumps at the chance to let it out. Well, I'm always all ears, and this time, I guess I asked too many questions, because after about 5 minutes of pickle talk, an order of "one sandwich worth of your bacon," and then some other impulse purchases, he turns to me and says, well, anyway, the point is my cover is blown. I don't know why I like the anonymity so much. I'm a pretty fucking chatty person, but I also kind of like the sandwich thing to be some sort of a secret. I guess I've been rethinking the nameless, faceless nature of this blog this year anyway. And trying lots of other new things. Like pickles. 

And a venture with a horrible phone app I will try to write a very personal piece on at a future date. Rhymes with 'surrender your dignity'. Wait, no it doesn't. Anyway, at a later date.

So what's the verdict on pickles? I think I'm down. Next 'new' thing I'm gonna try? I dunno. Suggestions welcome. 

What's in it:
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
garlic dill pickles!!!
roast fingerling potatoes
grainy dijon
raw creamed honey
butter BACON FAT

The usual honey + mustard.

Potatoes!!! Surprisingly complimentary in their warm, buttery, starchiness to the vinegar of the pickles. Love it when I stumble across a discovery like that.

The pickles!

Garlic dills. Pretty standard fare I was told. Made by a great Ontario cannery.

Bacon. Still fatty, just how I like it.

Then when the sandwich was ready to be buttered, I realized, wtf do I need butter for...

... when I've got all that fucking BACON FAT left:

So then I fried it in bacon fat.


Pickles are great.

Bacon is great.

Bacon, pickles, and potatoes are great.

Love the stacked sandwich.

I really wish I didn't go through life all this time, missing out on pickles. But I really like that there are always things to discover. My life is definitely better now, than it was last week. Thanks to pickles.

Thank you pickles. Anyone have any good pickle advice? What else are pickles good with?


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