THE CHERRY CHORIZO < what she said + boursin + sprouts

Hey guys, I know your eyes must be starving, as I haven't posted in over a week! I photographed this one ages ago, so I'm happy to finally be getting it to you. This one was a goodie. It's a dreamy, sweet, spicy, and creamy mix of mostly new things for the blog. Hey, #lyfeparallels.

I guess I've been pretty distracted. I'm sad to say I'm moving out of my dream loft, and though I don't yet know where I'll be moving, it'll be somewhere nice, with a(some) great roommate(s), and it will be so nice to be constantly surrounded by creatives, and probably a lot of new food inspiration. Hopefully, there will be lots more collaborations in the future for Glorious Sandwiches. Maybe I'll even have a garden to grown some plant-based sandwich fixin's.  Ps, I LOVE looking for housing in Toronto. It's not difficult, or really expensive, or discouraging. No, not at all. 

Moving is a funny thing. I don't feel like I'm just getting new scenery. It's making a pretty big decision about the next year of your life. Tying myself down to Toronto, this city I love, then got sick of, but have a totally renewed devotion for. I spent a pretty hermitic year not really making the most of anything, and in the last while, I feel like so much has changed, and I have so many reasons to stay. I'm seeing good shows every week (though I always have), running into everyone in the streets, I pretty much always feel like dancing. And I have a few new people in my life I'm really propelled by, and so many old ones I'm grateful for. I feel like I haven't laughed this much since I left France. As a traveller, being somewhere new is always imperative #1, but I can finally enjoy Toronto again, in this totally novel, exciting way. I'll always feel like I'm missing out on Brooklyn in my 20s, or moving to Berlin like has been the plan since the first day I went. I still say Berlin 2015. But as for now, sorry Montreal. Maybe in my 30s.

But wait! After every apartment viewing, my roommate and I have these utterly regressive conversations, about, how committed to Toronto are we really? Finding a place that doesn't totally suck, for less than $900/room is seeming impossible, and April 1st is coming up fast. We're getting really impatient. It makes a summer sublet in beautiful, cheap, but comparatively dull, and undercultured Montreal seem so appealing, and almost easier. But then there's Brooklyn. I should live in Brooklyn before my 20s are up. He should live in Brooklyn. Everyone should live in Brooklyn for a bit, if it's something they feel is for them. It's an experience you really can't come by elsewhere. There are all too many parallels to our West-neighbourhoods of Toronto, but it's fucking Brooklyn, and Toronto is fucking not Brooklyn. Maybe we should just jump in. I've done it before. Moving somewhere far, not really having a plan. This time it's really a plan, but no visa. "Hi America, can I come do freelance under the table online retail work in you? Yes? Great! I'll take one indefinite work visa please, and thank you."

My roommate on the other hand doesn't have a U-Haul of inventory for his not retail business, to get across the border. He's a graphic designer, and so I basically spent an hour last time I saw him talking myself out of a roommate. "Do it. Do it. Just go. It's what I would do if I could."

So I'm super distracted, and feeling very much in limbo about what I'll be doing with myself next month, but I've always found that patience, no matter how frustrating, yields better things. I hope it doesn't keep getting too much in the way of the blog, but I have a massive backlog of posts to keep everyone entertained for the months of March and April, even if I end up temporarily homeless.

This sandwich is to cheer me up. It's sweet. It's spicy. It's sort of confusing, but ultimately rewarding... I'm hoping it's metaphoric/prophetic. Either way, try it sometime.

bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
chorizo (Hogtown Cure)
garlic and herb Boursin
cherry jam
flower/fennel/pea sprouts
organic butter

First off, toast your bread. I don't have a toaster, so I just fry it in butter.

Then you lay this awesome sandwich foundation of creamy, zesty Boursin, and tangy, sweet cherry jam.

Honestly, these two on their own would make a great sandwich.

But it doesn't stop there. Add your fresh thyme. Bonus points if you grow it yourself. It's a great windowsill plant. Coming from someone who kills cactuses.

Chorizo! So chewy, so spicy. Amazing, amazing.

Les sprouts! There's a hint of fennel in there, and tons of colour.


You guys know the drill...

Check it out! Not the prettiest, but so tasty. 

Kind of couldn't resist, here's a half-eaten half sandwich. Is that like, rude? It's been in my mouth. Whatever. F you, this is my blog.


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