THE FRIEND CRUSH chorizo + blackberry + flower sprout grilled cheese

This one's all about the friend crush. And I'm not talking about a new guy, or a Blue is the Warmest Colour scenario. Naw. Life's just turned a little rosy, lately, so I thought I'd make something fancy for all my crush-worthy friends. But specifically, a shout-out to not a friend, so much as an internet stranger. Wha??? Yea. This girl.

Grilled Cheese Social by Mackenzie Smith is probably one of my favourite blogs of all time. I had been happily blogging some sloppy, poorly lit amateur shit for a few years, then someone showed me her blog, and I was like DAMN! Just, damn. Damn, I gotta up my game. She makes these really imaginative grilled cheese sandwiches, explores the plethora of cheese options, she takes some big risks with food combinations, and there's definitely a conscious effort to get creative with bread. But beyond that, her writing is hilarious. It's one of the few blogs I will actually read the post of, and not just skim over the photos. It's just real 20 something shit. And it's pretty worth the read. It's inspired me to really make better content, though I'm still working at trying to find the voice I want to be writing in. I've also really taken cues from her post layout, and started documenting the sandwich procedure, 'cause I've realized this is instructional, as well as an opportunity for maximal foodporn. So when a friend of mine on fb said recently, that I was the GC master (so lolz btw), I just thought nuh uhn. Check her blog out. Though you probably have, it's mega famous.

Anyway, I think this flowery, far-reaching, spicy grilled cheese sandwich says everything I want it to say. It's like, "Hey girl, I know what's up, I'm down for whatever. I don't mind crossing the line of pretension, 'cause I've got plenty of edge, like, I swear fluently in at least two languages." 

Here's what's in it:
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
cheddar (totally forget what kind, but it's really aged and crumbly, raw cow's dairy, and a favourite at The Hogtown Cure)
Brie de Meaux (raw cow's dairy from France, from Grain, Curd & Bean)
cured chorizo (also from Hogtown Cure)
organic blackberries
raw creamed honey
mustard grain
organic butter

Mustard and honey for that acidy, and sweet punch. Don't forget to eat your condiments kids.

Wanted to give you all a closeup of this insane cheddar. Why cheddar? It's the classic, nobody doesn't love cheddar. It's creamy, it's airy, it's sharp. It has attack and aftertaste. And look at how beautifully aged this one is:

Grated for your pleasure.

Sliced the blackberries in half. In hindsight, I could have gone in thirds, or maybe used jam, but whatevs, this is supposed to be gratuitous.

Spicy chorizo. It's fatty, it's chewy. And totally redeems this sandwich from being way on the sweet side.

Flower sprouts! This actually has a blend of sunflower, pea, red and green dai-kon radish, dill, fennel, and buckwheat sprouts, with edible flowers. Ok, admittedly, a bit much.

Brie, the perfect melting cheese.

Almost there.

Grilled that shiz in the pan, a few minutes a side. If you're not using lots of butter, you're doing it wrong.

And so like, there it is. Hope you like it.

It was a little bit "woah, what is going on in my mouth?" but in a really good way.

Served with a lunchtime mimosa, 'cause I know homegirl likes her casual boozing.

Thanks for looking guys. Remember, if you somehow don't already know about it, or have never visited Buzzfeed, go check out the Grilled Cheese Social blog.

xxxo you lovely people.


  1. Damn girl! What you talkin bout, those pics are so much more prettier than mine! And yes, girl crush is mutual. All i have to say is why not in a Blue is the Warmest Color kind of way?! haha jkjk :)

    ...And this sandwich looks di-fucking-vine! Thanks!

  2. Omg, JUST discovered publishing my comments. NO reason. Been massively obsessed with that movie the week I made that sandwich, but I think I would rather eat sandwiches and drink mimosas with you... So flattered. Girl crushes! Ps, I'm really digging your Brooklyn Babes thing. Another great reason to move to Brooklyn.