Hello world

Hello world. 

As forecasted, albeit a bit late, Glorious Sandwiches returns! This makes me happy. Happy to announce. Happy to mean sincerely. Happy to have back in my own life. 

It IS just a silly blog. Yet another silly blog, in the long list of trivial things on the internet, for readers and authors alike to spend their time on, and become disconnected from life. But what I've come to realize, growing up in a time when people spend increasingly more of their lives online, is that there's really something to that, and something to how we are coming to use the internet, online media, social media websites, etc., not at all, in fact, to disconnect from life, but to become more connected. Go read a book, I said to myself, come to the park he said, you can do that later, she said. Well, in my two years' hiatus from this blog, there grew an enlarging sense of absence. 

From the few hours a week I used to spend making sandwiches, and putting them on the internets, I gained a real sense of purpose. Which isn't to say that I derived my sense of purpose as a human being from sandwiches. No, not that. But there was a satisfaction that I got from being connected to something I liked doing, something that I thought was neat, and something I could share with others, who also thought, "Hey, this is neat." It's good to have an outlet. It's great to do something purely for the gratification of doing it. Whether anyone else gives a shit, or not. And it's especially fun if it's something you can throw out there, so other people can share in the minor, but important joy of such things. So look, or don't look, this blog is back. And I'm going to try to challenge myself, and offer a higher caliber of luncheon entertainment. With occasional focus on gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and other dietary restriction-friendly foods. So if you are looking, welcome, I hope you enjoy, or welcome back, it's nice of you to come. Comment if you like. Share with a friend if you think there's some small joy to be had. 

ANYHOO, a reintroduction! Read on...

So, originally, I paused the blog because I was moving to France, and was going to be travelling for a few weeks, and anticipated having to search a bit for housing, and get settled in. Well, as you may have read, shit happened, and I kinda gave up on the blog. Well, I moved back to Canada last year, after an expectedly life-changing, character-forming jaunt in Europe. Had an interesting *ahem* year of mid 20s floundering, in the misery of the parental home base. Now I'm back on my feet, and living for the first time alone, in a pretty damn cool apartment back in my favourite, pre-gentrified neighbourhood in Toronto west. 

I run my own online retail business, so if you'd like to support the blog, please buy my shit. It's cool shit. I promise. Running your own business is like constantly losing your job. Everything can be going well, and if you're doing everything right, you can scrape by, even do alright, but the second one thing goes wrong, you can be totally fucked. And things do go wrong. But I'm learning, I'm managing, and I'm getting support, help, encouragement, and sometimes so awesome labour/modelling from some awesome people. But seriously, by my shit, and tell your friends

My kitchen is a work in progress, and still a little under construction. But this is where the magic happens.

I cook on a ceramic top ELECTRIC STOVE. Eugh, I know, right? But I hear people all over the place get by, and even manage to make nice food with them.

My current favourite thing about this place is my fridge. I mean, it IS where all the delicious, delicious, nourishing foods are, but check out what's going on up top. How could that not cheer me up on a daily basis? I'm sprouting some mint and basil from my parents' garden, which I will soon plant, and try desperately to keep alive, so I can have fresh mint all the time. The geometric sugar bowl is a Value Village gem. If you don't know what that is, it's like Goodwill. Actually, I scored the vintage milkshake mixer from Value Village, as well as the milk bottle caddy, all the mason jars, and 95% of my clothes. Living cheaply = more money for cool shit/shows/booze/summer sparklers. Also, used goods are great for the environment. I mean, they weren't the first time around, so let's try to make them earn their keep, yea? The cat statue, well, it's not mine, but this is its home, and I'm glad it's here.

Europe, and friends in Europe, (you) know that I am not done with you yet. In fact, I just recently retrieved a piece of my European life. My adoring, and equally adored roommate from Lille, has come to live here for the summer. Check out our sweet rides.

I guess I always thought of this as a sandwich-only blog. I didn't see the point in making it personal. But for a few reasons, I think I'll try it out. Hey Denise. Thank you for being awesome, and keep it real now, ok? Until we get to see eachother again. If you're not Denise, then don't worry, I'll share little morsels of my life on this blog from time to time. 

Check it out, strawberries. And books.

This is a photo I took recently, in some forgotten alleyway.

The next post will definitely involve food.


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