THE NEIGHBOURHOODWICH pork sausage + roast fennel + mushroom pâté

So, basically every day for the past year, I wake up, eat one of 3 rotating breakfast options, later I eat a salad, and by the end of the day, I'll probably have eaten a same-ish version of a vegan, viet-style soup. I didn't used to be like this! I used to make the same thing no more than 3 times. Then onto the next idea. My eating has become so routine, that even the things I do to break the routine, like occasionally making sandwiches for blog purposes, and eating things like, *gasp* bacon, have become routine. So I went into my local deli/sandwich supply magical happy house, determined to try something new. They make these really nice sounding apple and sage sausages ('cause who really thinks sausages look all that appetizing), and this weirdo mushroom pâté that just sort of spoke to me. It was nonchalantly crying out "why not?" And then I went out and bought fennel. Because honestly, fennel kind of scares me, as my only encounter with it had been one time using someone's strongly fennel flavoured toothpaste in the morning without realizing I was not to be expecting mint. Anyway, there's really nothing better in life, in general, than breaking routines, exploring, and finding out there are all these other things you can add to your life that you can enjoy, along with all the things you already have to do so. Which I guess is really the point of this blog. Yay for more things in life that are nice. Especially when they are things that you can eat!!!

bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
apple and sage pork sausage (in-house by The Hogtown Cure)
mushroom pâté
roast fennel
caramelized onion
raw creamed honey
grainy mustard
Himalayan salt + fresh cracked pepper
coconut oil

So I prepped everything beforehand for this one. Cook the sausages and onions together for flavour. The fennel, I sliced as thin as I could, and roast it in the oven on high for a while. I roast everything in coconut oil. Turned out really crispy, but fleshy, like when you do a giant bok choi just right. And surprisingly sweet. Aromatically fennely, but but really sweet. I'm a total believer now.

The mushroom pâté was definitely another highlight purchase of the year. It was kind of weird. But like, interesting weird. And definitely a less gross concept of pâté than meat pâtés if you think about it. Crack some fresh black pepper on there, and some salt. On the other slice of bread, your honey and mustard concoction.

Now layer the sausage, onions, and fennel.

And then fry in a pan, with plenty of butter.

Now take in every curious new flavour, and get double excited that there are a million other things we have yet to try!!!!


Hey, what's something I haven't done on the blog that you want to see? I can't wait to try it (maybe).


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