THE POPPY pistachio + strawberry + plum + cheddar

Life is rosy folks. (Is how I started off this post when I began the draft TWO MONTHS AGO. Following is a more whiny post of how I'm feeling currently.) But I think it's apt that I made such a rosy sandwich for a post about being in such a crummy mood, 'cause it's sort of cheering me up just to look at it. 

What do you do when you have the travel bug, but no real freedom or funds? No, seriously, I'm asking. I'm going a little crazy in my tiny, stiflingly hot sublet in The Junction, save for this one coffee shop I've found that I pretty much want to live at, and should start doing all my computer "work" from. I've been thinking a lot for the past two years, but more specifically since my last move, about moving out of Toronto again, and I think a lot of those could be solved by as little as a two week stint somewhere else. Really, I'm not asking for much. just to get away, and maybe be reminded that Toronto, my first real love, is a place where I really want to be. Having lived in other places, with plenty of new amazing things about them that Toronto doesn't have, I couldn't get Toronto out of my mind. I would talk about it constantly, like an ex you're still hopelessly not over. I missed the music scene. I missed the food and coffee scene. I missed the creativity, and passion, and individualism that goes into every storefront here. Europe totally doesn't have that, save for in small, excepted pockets. So I'm in this constant dilemma of wanting to leave, and in a way being totally ungrateful for what an idyllic place this is, and thinking I really should just use my powers to change my life here, and make it look like how I want, rather than try to jump ship and build one again somewhere else. How do you know when it's time to let go, or time to (wo)man up? I guess the real answer is it's always time to (wo)man up. Just someone get me outta here for a few weeks or something, k? 

What's in it:
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery Romano bean bread)
salted pistachios
sliced plum
raw 4 year aged cheddar
raw creamed honey

Pan toast your bread with butter, or however you like it.

Layer on some fixings.

The obvious feature ingredients. Yes, this is a new take on a sandwich I made a few years ago.

And thurrr it is.

Such a beautiful sandwich.

Also, total hilarious side note, Grilled Cheese Social's MacKenzie Smith, the unofficial sandwich queen of life, but officially of my heart, totally posted a post preview on her Instagram the day I was editing these photos, of this sandwich which is markedly similar to this one. It's not the first time we've unwittingly done similar sandwiches, but so weird. If you aren't already a bigger fan of her blog than mine, drop everything you're doing for the next hour, read all her posts, they're so funny and delicious, and follow her Instagram, it's amazing, and reminds me I need more sandwich-related things in the rest of my regular life. I would totally mention that Brooklyn is calling for me, but I think there isn't room there for the both of us, or that we would create some anti-matter annihilation. 


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