salmon ALT with mint & honey

Totally refreshing summer sandwich.

For pretty much the last month, it has been stiflingly hot in Toronto. I'm talking 35°+ AT NIGHT. That's 95°F Americans. So at times when you have sweat dripping down the backs of your legs, sitting in your apartment in your underwhatnots, chugging ice water by the pint, all you want to eat is something that comes out of a fridge, not off a stove.

WHAT WOULD MANUEL SOLANO DO? My friend Manuel is so good in the kitchen. I trust him implicitly. He has such instincts when it comes to food. We spent time together while both living in Lyon, and would collaborate on food for our friends, and cook for one another. I have a number of friends who are easily better than me at executing food, but he always sticks out, he just has this way of making something so simple, yet always catches me by surprise. And that, for me, is the greatest delight.

Anyhow, this is something I made with Manuel in mind. I'll definitely have to do a collaboration post in the near future.

morning grains gluten-free bread
cured salmon
romaine lettuce
Ontario heirloom tomato

Isn't this just the prettiest collage of food? Like, really. Good time to remind you all, this blog has a tumblr page too!

Everybody has heard the praises of the ALT (avocado/lettuce/tomato), yea? Then there's just something magical about the combination of a sweet, mild, milky, cured salmon, and tomato. Add honey, add mint, add lemon. Trust, all totally necessary and worthwhile.

Fold, and cut. Yea, that's a good looking sandwich. 

Pro tip: grow your own mint, it's really easy, and you'll end up using it 1000% more of the time.

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