the steak and egg

I. Love. Meat. Don't get me wrong, I would say the same about fruits and vegetables, just as someone who eats meat rarely more than once per week, I thought it apt to declare my love for eating animals and animal products. Ethically, and healthily raised, local animals, and their wonderful eggs and dairy. Thank you farmers, thank you cows, thank you chickens, sheep, goats. I love you all, and I consider it a treat, not a part of my diet, to enjoy these amazing offerings. Also it's nice to eat carnivorously sometimes. ARRR!

Check out this egg on animal sandwich, I even worked in an egg-cup! Good fucking way to start the day, if you ask me.

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heirloom cherry tomato + roast red pepper + 3 cheese melt

So, I have some wonderful guests visiting from France, and as happens when you're all most distracted with having lots of fun, and doing as many things as possible, things start to fall by the wayside, and you forget to do things like sweep the floors, take out the mountain of empties, and get groceries and stuff. So this was one of those sandwiches where I was like "Ah, we have nothing to eat", but realistically, more like, "we have definitely enough things in the fridge, just nothing left that I feel like having for lunch." Luckily, I was making this glutenous sandwich for Sybille, and Sybille loves red peppers, and tomatoes. 


avocado + cabbage + tamari club

What's up friends? I decided to go out and buy a bunch of really lovely meat at the organic farmers' market last week, and then eat way too much of it all at the same time. What better way than with a classic Club!? But obviously not that classic. Enter tamari + avocado + cabbage + ginger + mint + lime + garlic + chili mayo. Sadly I only got a taste of this sandwich. I was still full from the chicken and egg sandwich made previously, but a hungry friend of mine came by and devoured it. Equally satisfying. Ok, that's a lie, but this was one mountain I was too full to climb.


roast beets + goat gouda + pesto grilled cheese

I'm very well obsessed with grilled cheeses lately. So I'm doing the tour around the selection at my local cheese outposts. This one is a goat gouda. Probably a running favourite. Not goaty, not piquant, but rounded, and far from tame. Damn. While I usually lean towards milky, extra aged cheddars, this one's kind of the perfect cheese. 


the chicken and egg (and bacon!)

Straight up, eating this sandwich makes me feel like I woke up in a farmhouse. Also makes me feel like I must hate chickens if I want to eat them every which way. SO GOOD.

For realsies though, big thank you to every hard working farmer who put their love into what they do to make possible the most scrumptious breakfast sandwich.