I'm having a little bit of a motivation crisis. I can't focus on work. I can't focus on personal projects. I have a shit ton of free time these days, and I tooootally don't make good use of it. I'm a classic combination of undisciplined, unmotivated, and my life lacks all structure or time management. Even my beloved sandwich blog, which I usually bury myself in in times of chaos or "other" is seeing the neglect I've been affording every other area of my life. As I've kind of alluded to in recent posts, all these sandwiches were shot in my old apartment, which I left 3 months ago now. I haven't shot anything new since, and I'm running out of backlog.

Why does this happen to so many of us? And why am I so prone to fall into this feedback loop of decreasing impetus? I've always found inspiration, and interest to be the strongest motivating forces, so when I find myself wading into the oblivion of blurred together days, I don't wonder too much, "Why the lack of momentum?"

How to balance this though? I feel so much pressure here to be doing, making, earning. It can get very overwhelming, and the artistic overachievers all around me don't seem to help. Toronto is such an ambitious place. It's no New York or London, but it's stressful to find yourself not doing much of anything. Excuse me while I reminisce again about my time in France.


THE LAZY SUNDAY smoked salmon + eggs benedict + cream cheese + french toast

So you know when it's a Sunday, and you're not in a particular rush to eat, but when you do, you want it to be ALL OF THE THINGS!!!!!!(?) Well this is the ultimate glutton brunch sandwich, like, legit. Double decker smoked salmon, cream cheese, egg benedict, ON FRENCH TOAST. For those Sundays you wake up with a negligible hangover, but a total aversion to leaving your house and seeing any more damn people this weekend, well at least until you've had a good alone-time date with this food mountain. The philosophy behind it: foods that you love, and would happily eat on their own; throw them together. Then eat it in your underwear while reviewing tinder instagram shenanigans from Saturday night and definitely not wondering if you're going to be alone forever food will always be your one true love. The answer is yes, so make it count.


THE MILE END cream cheese + cucumber + cranberry sourdough

Oh man, so I've been thinking about moving to Montreal for ages. Like, years. It's been hanging over my head for so long, especially every time I have to move apartments, and I have to move apartments in 6 weeks. It's not my dream city, but Montreal has a lot going for it. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed, and the apartments are so big, and sunny, and half the price they would be in Toronto. The music scene is definitely decent. I could live in Mile End, and walk up the mountain every week. I could buy wine at the corner store until 11!!! (Toronto peeps, you know how it is). But the main reason is something I learned a few years ago, when I relocated actually way further than a $30 Megabus away, and that is; always keep moving. Every time I make a mental pro and cons list for moving to Montreal, the pro list trumps the con list, no contest. It's not even that I like it better than Toronto, 'cause I don't, but I strongly believe there's more to be gained in being somewhere new, than you could ever lose from the experience. Almost no hardship I could imagine of building a new life somewhere wouldn't be overshadowed with the inherent reward therein. And so, I feel pretty sure I should just fucking do it already, before it becomes something I just talk about, and never do. But for some reason, I don't feel very brave about it at the moment. 


THE BREAKFAST BOMB scrambled eggs + french toast

So I think we can all agree breakfast is the best meal of the day. At least up until that point in the day. And it's becoming pretty clear from this blog I have a predilection for breakfast sandwiches. Just think about it, you finally peel yourself out of bed, hazy, and stiff, and having to face the world, and get shit done? Well, I need a little more convincing than that. So first thing I do, tends to be putting on some tea or coffee, and getting to work giving myself a real reason to be awake, and for me, that is food.


EL PRÍNCIPE grilled chicken + green chilli peppers + avocado + lime

Happy Sunday everyone. It's summer, it's the weekend, and it necessarily follows that TACOS. Yea. I used to think there was a giant lack of tacos in Toronto. I mean, they're probably not as ubiquitous as in uhh... American North American cities (big duh @Mexico), but lately, they've been popping up everywhere. Our new influx of food trucks, and like 5 dedicated specialty taco joints in Parkdale alone, those Korean-taco fusion wine bars, in addition to all the authentically Mexican restaurants in the Market, and Bloordale, not to mention backyards, rooftop patios, balcony barbecues, tacos are taking over! They're taking over my heart. And rightly so, I think they've officially charmed their way into my food philosophy as one of the most perfect foods in existence. Hell, on rooftop taco hangouts round two, I made sincere claims I would ditch this sandwich ship, and run a taco blog instead. Like sandwiches, they have pretty much an infinitesimal possibility of manifestation, which is to say you can put like, whateeeeever you want in them, until the end of time, and never run out of amazing ideas, and they're a heckavalot easier to assemble. Just harder to eat, I suppose. But I dare you to eat a plate of tacos, and not be smiling after. I fucking dare you.

To quote a taco enthusiast friend, "My life is dope, I do dope shit." The only attitude that matters when there are tacos in front of you.

So here's a classic taco-inspired sandwich. I totally just ran out to get some nice tortillas, 'cause that's what I'll be doing with the rest of my Sunday.