EL PRÍNCIPE grilled chicken + green chilli peppers + avocado + lime

Happy Sunday everyone. It's summer, it's the weekend, and it necessarily follows that TACOS. Yea. I used to think there was a giant lack of tacos in Toronto. I mean, they're probably not as ubiquitous as in uhh... American North American cities (big duh @Mexico), but lately, they've been popping up everywhere. Our new influx of food trucks, and like 5 dedicated specialty taco joints in Parkdale alone, those Korean-taco fusion wine bars, in addition to all the authentically Mexican restaurants in the Market, and Bloordale, not to mention backyards, rooftop patios, balcony barbecues, tacos are taking over! They're taking over my heart. And rightly so, I think they've officially charmed their way into my food philosophy as one of the most perfect foods in existence. Hell, on rooftop taco hangouts round two, I made sincere claims I would ditch this sandwich ship, and run a taco blog instead. Like sandwiches, they have pretty much an infinitesimal possibility of manifestation, which is to say you can put like, whateeeeever you want in them, until the end of time, and never run out of amazing ideas, and they're a heckavalot easier to assemble. Just harder to eat, I suppose. But I dare you to eat a plate of tacos, and not be smiling after. I fucking dare you.

To quote a taco enthusiast friend, "My life is dope, I do dope shit." The only attitude that matters when there are tacos in front of you.

So here's a classic taco-inspired sandwich. I totally just ran out to get some nice tortillas, 'cause that's what I'll be doing with the rest of my Sunday. 

What's in these?
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
grilled chicken thigh (organic, Beretta Farms)
fried green chilli
corn relish

So you're going to want to pretty much prep all your fixings before you assemble. I grilled the chicken in a pan, with a little bit of butter, and lots of lime juice. The chicken sweats out all its juicy dark meat fat, perfect for cooking the garlic, and green chillies. Watch out, these puppies have BITE.

I guess something I love about tacos is their mix of savoury, succulent, fatty ingredients, with fresh, raw food stuffs like the sweet corn, creamy avocado, and vigorously present cilantro. And lime. Always lime. Assemble like so:

Then pan toast your sandwich with some more butter.

Could there be anything more perfect for a nice summer day? I guess only what goes best with tacos. Some cold drinks, and some grass under your bare feet park hangs. Enjoy your afternoon dudes.


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