the steak and egg

I. Love. Meat. Don't get me wrong, I would say the same about fruits and vegetables, just as someone who eats meat rarely more than once per week, I thought it apt to declare my love for eating animals and animal products. Ethically, and healthily raised, local animals, and their wonderful eggs and dairy. Thank you farmers, thank you cows, thank you chickens, sheep, goats. I love you all, and I consider it a treat, not a part of my diet, to enjoy these amazing offerings. Also it's nice to eat carnivorously sometimes. ARRR!

Check out this egg on animal sandwich, I even worked in an egg-cup! Good fucking way to start the day, if you ask me.

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organic gluten free (optional) bread, pan toasted with butter
local, grass-fed, antibiotic-free beef sirloin, cooked medium rare
organic egg
plum tomato
roast onion
broccoli sprouts
pea shoots
crème fraîche
grainy dijon
Ontario wildflower honey
organic mayonaise
salt and pepper
organic butter

As you may or may not have noticed by now, I like to eat organic as much as possible, but certainly all my animal products should be organic.

Pan fried the steak in butter to medium rare, salt and peppered. Pan toasted the bread ahead of assembly. Sliced the tomato into a hollowed out, thick ring, placed it on a baking sheet, dropped an egg in, on top of butter, and roasted it with the onion for about 20 minutes. Roughly chopped the greens, and stirred them with crème fraîche, mustard, and honey. Whipped up some horseradish mayo, because horseradish is a must for me with steak. It would be like coffee without milk. Anyhoo, here's what came out: 

Aaaand, everyone's favourite view:


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