the chicken and egg (and bacon!)

Straight up, eating this sandwich makes me feel like I woke up in a farmhouse. Also makes me feel like I must hate chickens if I want to eat them every which way. SO GOOD.

For realsies though, big thank you to every hard working farmer who put their love into what they do to make possible the most scrumptious breakfast sandwich.

Alright, here's what's in it:

gluten free bread
fried chicken breast (local, organic)
hard boiled egg (local, organic)
maple smoked bacon (local, organic, gluten free)
red onion
grainy mustard and maple syrup (artisanal, Canadian)
butter! (organic, duh)

Check it, the bacon TOTALLY looks like dinosaurs!

Meat closeup. NSFW?

Kudos to the mini farming my parents do in their suburban backyard. There's scarcely anything lovelier than fresh picked chives on egg.

Assembled and fried in the bacon fat left over in the pan:


Really though. 

With it's cheery colours, substantial meats, mild hit of maple and mustard, and the crunch of celery, this sandwich was stacked. 

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