heirloom cherry tomato + roast red pepper + 3 cheese melt

So, I have some wonderful guests visiting from France, and as happens when you're all most distracted with having lots of fun, and doing as many things as possible, things start to fall by the wayside, and you forget to do things like sweep the floors, take out the mountain of empties, and get groceries and stuff. So this was one of those sandwiches where I was like "Ah, we have nothing to eat", but realistically, more like, "we have definitely enough things in the fridge, just nothing left that I feel like having for lunch." Luckily, I was making this glutenous sandwich for Sybille, and Sybille loves red peppers, and tomatoes. 

Nothing to eat?! What was I thinking? This sandwiches has so many things in it.

sourdough bread (gluten free optional)
organic heirloom cherry tomatos
roast red pepper
unpasteurized goat gouda
unpasteurized sheep cheddar
crème fraîche
fried onion
fried jalapeño
grainy dijon and Ontario honey
organic butter!

Roast the peppers in the oven, fry the onions and jalapeño in a pan prior to assembly. Get cheese all over, and in between, so everything sticks, and everything comes out al delightfully melty.

Smash it all together, and fry the sandwich in a pan with as much butter as can be argued is reasonable. 

This wasn't really intended to be a grilled cheese, nor did grill like one, hence I'm calling it a melt. If the cheese is grated, rather than sliced, it heats quicker, and melts better. Just a tip.

Anyway, look!

Nice pan job. Just wanted to show it off.

Aaaaaand, in transit to the couch, and a happy mouth.

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