THE WEEKEND CLUB pulled chicken + bacon + peameal bacon + guac!

I got 99 problems... and I'm trying to mask each one with a layer of this sandwich. And I think I'm like 96 layers short. 

Seriously though. Yesterday, I confessed to my new roommate that I've been pilfering his peanut butter, so the next jar was on me. His response? "That's ok, I'm post-food. I'm doing Soylent now." Like WTF? This, coming from the guy who makes his own kimchi. I know he's probly not serious about doing it longterm, but you literally couldn't pay me to not eat, and enjoy food. Sometimes, that's all I have. 

"But what if it was cheap, fast, and you never had to worry about nutrition again?" 
"Well, I can tell you, nutrition is barely in the top 5 reasons of why I cook food." 
"Well what if you knew you could end world hunger, but it only worked if everyone was on Soylent?" 
"Well. Well... well, I guess I'd probably be one of those assholes with a front lawn farm, and trading butter on the black market."


GRINGO chilli + black bean + guac + bacon + egg breakfast sandwich

So I went to a rave last weekend, and as it turns out, I LOVE RAVES. Which is what I texted to at least 5 people still half in a stupor then next day. At first, when my roommate invited me, I was like "What am I going to do at a rave?" I hate repetitive electronic music, and I don't do M. But I'm usually down for something new, especially on a Sunday night of a long weekend, with no good shows on. As it turns out, I've been to several raves, while in Berlin. I don't know why I was expecting any more nonsense than some floodlights in an empty factory unit. I don't even remember what the music sounded like, I just know that I got in, my brain shut off, and I danced. And may or may not have danced with a super babely dude who actually gave me the idea for this sandwich many weeks ago, while comparing hangover breakfasts of the day. All in all, I learned something about myself, which is that my life could use more raves, and defo more harmless makeouts. They're like, at least as good as elaborate breakfasts sandwiches. Was definitely buzzing from all of it all day. YAY RAVES.


THE B-L-CHEESY double grilled cheese BLT


Let's all pretend it's still April, April being grilled cheese month. I actually made this sandwich, along with the last 10, and next 10 posts like WEEKS ago now, but hey, it's not like this is my day job. Looking for housing in this zero decent vacancy city kind of became my day job for a while. I'm finally out of my money haemorrhaging loft. I already miss that big space, those windows, the ceiling height you find no where else in Toronto, but hey, it's also not fun to watch your friends hopping on planes, and travelling, when you're like, "COOL, I'm gonna hold down the fort here... in my expensive-ass apartment, in this expensive-ass city, close to nowhere else good, and sacrificing food explora$ion for floor$pace. But you know it's time to move when you can buy a house in Detroit for less than your monthly rent. I'm way further west in town now, in a kind of perfectly shabby house, good enough to stay a while, but definitely giving me pangs to move. Far away. But it's also kind of great, because I feel like I'm in a totally new land. Quieter, cheaper, I don't know a single bar around here, and everything closes at fucking 9. It's almost like being back in France. Almost...