THE WEEKEND CLUB pulled chicken + bacon + peameal bacon + guac!

I got 99 problems... and I'm trying to mask each one with a layer of this sandwich. And I think I'm like 96 layers short. 

Seriously though. Yesterday, I confessed to my new roommate that I've been pilfering his peanut butter, so the next jar was on me. His response? "That's ok, I'm post-food. I'm doing Soylent now." Like WTF? This, coming from the guy who makes his own kimchi. I know he's probly not serious about doing it longterm, but you literally couldn't pay me to not eat, and enjoy food. Sometimes, that's all I have. 

"But what if it was cheap, fast, and you never had to worry about nutrition again?" 
"Well, I can tell you, nutrition is barely in the top 5 reasons of why I cook food." 
"Well what if you knew you could end world hunger, but it only worked if everyone was on Soylent?" 
"Well. Well... well, I guess I'd probably be one of those assholes with a front lawn farm, and trading butter on the black market."

I'll keep this post short. I used to really love being someone who was always like, "MY LIFE IS AMAZING!" But I'm kind of in a rut. I decided yesterday, I need to be conscious of how my life still is amazing, or of things in life that just are amazing, so I'm going to try to think up a list every day, until I am so distracted by how amazing my life is that I don't need lists anymore. I wonder if this will last longer than "daily" yoga...
  • finding a new old band to listen to
  • finding a new new band to listen to
  • I moved closer to a much better organic store
  • some of the people where I buy my bacon at know my name, and say hi when I walk in
  • the trees are blooming
  • I'm getting a 3 page handwritten letter from my bff about his trip to India 
  • I hooked up a new romance between friends? 
  • new favourite t-shirt
  • guacamole.

Ok ok, here's what's in it.
3 slices of bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery romano bean bread)
homemade organic pulled chicken
bacon (The Hogtown Cure in-house)
peameal bacon (The Hogtown Cure in-house)
homemade guac
romaine lettuce
grainy Dijon

Start by pan toasting, or toasting your bread, however you like to do it, 'cause this one's gonna stack too high to fry it later. I made sure to fry mine in bacon fat, after I fried my bacon. Just, trust me.

This is my second attempt at making my own pulled-meat at home! The first attempt was with pork, and it was a disaster. I let it dry out, and then I tried to fix it, and then I burnt it. This time, I got it pretty right, but will work a bit on the flavouring. This is really simple, just done with ketchup, and a bit of hot sauce. Bake it in the oven for a few hours on a low heat, but definitely look up some more specific directions, I'm an amateur.

Beautiful in-house bacon from my favourite pork people. If you live in Toronto, go eat there!

I layered up the sandwich in two parts, like so. The guac is homemade. I mashed some avocado, with lots of lime, and just some green onion. Make it at least half an hour before you plan on eating it, so all the flavours can steep.

Then check out this peameal bacon. Also by The Hogtown Cure. They just started making it, and by the second time I walked in, and they asked if I had tried it, I figured, HIT ME. And holy, it's just... it's SO good.

Now obviously if you're making a tall-ass double decker sandwich, it's double the fun to stack so high that you need a skewer it to keep it from falling over.

Then eat that monster sandwich slowly, and don't think about your problems. Once your stomach is really full, it should keep all that bottled up, at least until your next meal. If the guac doesn't do the trick, then you should probably actually go and talk to a friend, that sounds serious.

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