THE B-L-CHEESY double grilled cheese BLT


Let's all pretend it's still April, April being grilled cheese month. I actually made this sandwich, along with the last 10, and next 10 posts like WEEKS ago now, but hey, it's not like this is my day job. Looking for housing in this zero decent vacancy city kind of became my day job for a while. I'm finally out of my money haemorrhaging loft. I already miss that big space, those windows, the ceiling height you find no where else in Toronto, but hey, it's also not fun to watch your friends hopping on planes, and travelling, when you're like, "COOL, I'm gonna hold down the fort here... in my expensive-ass apartment, in this expensive-ass city, close to nowhere else good, and sacrificing food explora$ion for floor$pace. But you know it's time to move when you can buy a house in Detroit for less than your monthly rent. I'm way further west in town now, in a kind of perfectly shabby house, good enough to stay a while, but definitely giving me pangs to move. Far away. But it's also kind of great, because I feel like I'm in a totally new land. Quieter, cheaper, I don't know a single bar around here, and everything closes at fucking 9. It's almost like being back in France. Almost... 

So, lots of big life changes lately, and with that, a really perfectly timed reconnecting with an old, and dear friend, my genius chef/friend/confidant Franny. It was back when it was first starting to get warm, and I hung up on his patio in Chinatown. We fired up this BBQ for the first time, and made the first, of hopefully many taco Sundays to come. He's honestly so great at food, and back in the day, we used to have food making parties all the time. We made our own ravioli assembly line, sorbet, simple dinners from the oven to backyard bonfire chicken thighs. And I definitely got to sample many a cocktail involving things he pickled from his mini alleyway garden. So this is technically a collab, even though he wasn't there that day, but I'll be getting him to come by, churn out some sandwich ideas, maybe craft some more skilfully cooked fixin's than I can handle, and definitely ponder whether I should completely give up on sandwiches forever, and turn my attentions to tacos. Seriously though.

Anyway, we were brainstorming grilled cheesus'z last month, and he was like, why don't you just make a regular sandwich, with a simple grilled cheese sandwich as bread? And I was like FTW YES, yes, I will do that. So here it is. Good story, right?

Monforte raw sheep's cheddar
caramelized onion cheddar
Ontario bacon
heirloom cherry tomatoes
green onion
caramelized onion jam

This is just a gratuitous photo of cheese, because this cheese is so, so beautiful.

Making a simple grilled cheese with three layers of two different kinds of cheddar.

Now you're going to fry this in butter.

Now behold, "bread".

So blah blah blah, mayo, some more cheese, bacon...

Then the other stuff. I opted for radicchio in this "BLT" because I'm going to throw this in the oven to let everything melt. Radicchio gets all warm, and loses its bitter taste, as opposed to say, a romaine which would just get soggy.

Then you have a really tall sandwich that looks like this.

And here's what it looks like inside.

FUCK, I love cheese, but it's maybe time to lay off on all these grilled cheeses. Grilled cheese month has been fun.


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