HEY GUYS. Fuck, as usual, I have like 10 entries all photographed and ready to be posted, but I got mega behind on writing... because I hate writing... and also, this 10 week and counting housing search continues! It's so distracting, it's like having a second job! Or in my case, a job. J/k prospective landlords, I am self employed, and I make an income, it just can feel like I do nothing sometimes, because I am always at home, and usually avoiding working, or feeling like I'm not working enough. Shit, I watch too many foreign affairs journalism shorts. Maybe that's why I'm in a constant existential crisis. I need more doughnut and cake blogs in my life or something. ANYWAY, so me and my future roommate have been really picky, and it's like it's impossible to find a decent 2-3 bedroom in this city for less than like $900/room. Because we've been looking for so long, and I really have to move out of my glorious loft this week, we actually found this incredibly cheap and awesome sublet, which will hopefully be home for the next few months, maybe even the whole summer. Look out for a new backsplash, and some really awesome sandwich collabs with the new roommie. And you'll see how behind I am by counting how many entries it takes for the backsplash to change...

So as you may or may not know, I actually don't really eat sandwiches IRL. I make them for the blog, but when I'm not blogging, I pretty much make vegan ramen/pho or spring rolls. Like, everyday. It's ridic. I've become really boring in the kitchen. But like, whatevs. I love my soups. So I decided, WHY NOT merge my two loves: sandwiches, and vaguely white-girl interpretation viet style ramen/pho for grilled cheese sandwich month? And you know what, as weird as it sounds, it fucking worked. And I went super literal ramen on this one, so enjoy some tamari pork and boiled egg with tofu, here's the crazy creation that never needed to exist, but totally did.

Soothing my housing woes with endless food, and work escapism...

What's in this?
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
mild gruyère
· sweet potato glass noodles
· enoki mushrooms
· organic pork cutlet
· tamari sauce
· organic sprouted tofu
· organic boiled egg
· ginger
· chilli sauce
· Chinese broccoli
coconut oil

Oh yea, and green onion!

So, grate the gruyère. This will(?) hold all the noodles in place.

Then make your ramen/pho. However you like to do it. Scoop out the noodles, and place some on top. I went with a sweet potato glass noodle, 'cause they were there, but I might recommend going with something thinner. I usually eat thinner spinach noodles.

Alright, so this is somewhat of a deconstructed ramen, because I'm layering all the elements. Chinese broccoli greens next.

Pork cutlet marinated in tamari sauce (gluten free soy sauce), and flash fried in coconut oil.

Boil an egg, and slice it up. Yolk still gooey!

Sprouted tofu fried with the pork.

Then a healthy helping of your hottest chilli sauce, and some green onions.


Then spread the bread with coconut oil.

And you fry this shit till it's all golden and melty.

Noodles spilling everywhere...

Then cut it up, and eat it with the rest of your noodles! Not exactly cheddar and tomato soup, but it's great.

I am so in my happy place!

Holy shit, thanks for staying with me. Gotta start to learn to edit down the #foodporn.

See you next time.


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