LE CROQUE-MEUF ham + cheese + french toast

In case you didn't know, a ham and cheese is pretty much France's official sandwich. You can get it anywhere, and you can order it by it's given name, the croque-monsieur. A croque-madame is a croque-monsieur with an egg on top, and you know both are a cultural staple, because French Ikeas don't serve Swedish meatballs, but they DO serve both mr + mrs croques! This is a croque-meuf, which is a way hipper version of either, because «Mais allo quoi!» zis bitche iz on FRRRENCH TOAST. 

Get ready for a mega post, mes cheris. #sandwichpornpornporn


THE PRASANNATA vegan mango salsa

I've read a million different translations of 'prasannata', but I've deduced it's use is somewhere around rejoice, joyful, tingling with happiness, and sunshine. Which is fitting, 'cause I recently spent the day with my way yogic friend Becca. She taught me some yoga, we made an awesome set of vegan sandwiches, and she left me feeling super zen. And really limber, and light on my feet. Like I had put down a backpack of daily bullshit for the day. Feels great. Also, I kind of needed a detox from all the meat I've been eating for the blog lately.


THE B-SIDE roast chicken + slab bacon + cranberry boursin + brie

Don't get me wrong, there are some b-sides that are amongst my top fave songs from a band, but they end up as b-sides for a reason. I really had high hopes for this sandwich. If you look closely at the photos, you might even be able to tell I tried making this one twice. But despite my efforts, it just didn't turn out like I was hoping. I mean... it looks ok and all. I didn't throw it in the gutter. But it didn't have the majesty some sandwiches have. I'm putting it out there anyway, for anyone who will quietly gravitate towards it's chaotic, misunderstood, maybe overlooked beauty.


THE SUNNYSIDE baked egg + broccoli greens

"Guten Morgen Sonnenschein! Wie schön dass du geboren bist." I can't tell you how many times I stood in our kitchen, watching my friend Denise make a fried egg sandwich. This one's for you, my one and only Ginger. 

I don't have anything else to say today. Enjoy your friends. Enjoy the sunshine together. Go out on the rooftop. Don't shy away from a heart-to-heart. You have more to gain than you stand to loose. And eat cheerful looking food.


THE BAROQUE chicken + egg + heirloom potato salad

Ok, this is straight up one of those times where I start with an idea, "Oh, I'm going to use up some of this roast chicken, and make a chicken salad," and then pursue it to near overkill. This sandwich has a Glorious Sandwiches near-record-breaking 17 ingredients in it, not counting the bread. Speaking of overkill, I have this sick sort of fascination with eating chicken AND egg together. It feels so depraved.


THE PIZZA DATE goat mozzarella + portobello + oregano

Let's talk about PIZZA. Everyone knows pizza is the best food. If you think there's a more perfect invention, you're wrong. Shutup. Go home. You're drunk. Ok, maybe sandwiches, but let's be honest, probably pizza > sandwiches. Anyway, this is my pizza sandwich. It was bound to happen eventually, but I'm actually so so excited about how it turned out.

Also, I'm getting waaaaay too into Instagraming shit. It's going to straight up overtake the blog. If you're on it, add me. I'm always amazed with the crazy amount of talent and #foodporn on there. Also the FB group while you're at it. xx


THE WITH A TWIST bacon + lemon + plantain

Go start a personal project. Pick something you inherently love, and set yourself to work at it. I usually don't like being directive, but sometimes, you just need the encouragement and for someone to tell you, your personal interest project/hobby isn't stupid. Hell, mine is making sandwiches. It makes you happy, and that's really the means, and the ends of it. You do it for yourself, and maybe others will appreciate it, but that's not why you do it. And this isn't coming from a super go-getter self-starter either. Naw. Sometimes, the rest of all life's tribulations, and your own failings catch up with you, and you'll be glad you have that thing you work on, for no other reason than your own satisfaction. And it will give you that, every time. That which can only be accomplished by doing something, because you find it inherently satisfying. No amount of nights out, cat videos, or retail therapy can give you that. And maybe you'll even develop some skill at it, and have something to be proud of, and to share with others. Or not, 'cause that's really not the point.

But anyway, I really like making sandwiches. It's not my only thing, but it's one of them. And the other week, I got a really nice message from someone for whom sandwiches is also, his thing. As much as I don't care if anyone understands the sandwich thing, it was really nice to know there are people out there. He proposed doing a sandwich off. I'm always happy to test my sandwich making imagination, so I accepted, and here's the result. What's the twist? Details after the jump.


THE BLUE SNAPPER breaded snapper + blue cheese + brown tartar

Middle-class poor is when you haven't earned the things you think you deserve, but work out affording them anyway. Here's a sandwich that was straight up, out of my daily food budget, and FUCK, it was worth it.

Rant to follow, holler if you #relate:
"AND THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!" ...is something that got said surprisingly a lot in some of my former households, and apartments with my friends through our early and mid 20s. Whether it was just being too drunk to take care of our stuff, or too drunk not to loose it, throwing hazardously crowded parties, or being too hungover to... I'm sure there was more to it than that. Cats? Was it... no, we didn't have cats. ANYWAY. I'm at a point now in life, where I'm realizing I CAN have nice things. I'm an "adult" now (sort of)... I can, have nice things. I just... don't really?


THE FRIEND CRUSH chorizo + blackberry + flower sprout grilled cheese

This one's all about the friend crush. And I'm not talking about a new guy, or a Blue is the Warmest Colour scenario. Naw. Life's just turned a little rosy, lately, so I thought I'd make something fancy for all my crush-worthy friends. But specifically, a shout-out to not a friend, so much as an internet stranger. Wha??? Yea. This girl.

Grilled Cheese Social by Mackenzie Smith is probably one of my favourite blogs of all time. I had been happily blogging some sloppy, poorly lit amateur shit for a few years, then someone showed me her blog, and I was like DAMN! Just, damn. Damn, I gotta up my game. She makes these really imaginative grilled cheese sandwiches, explores the plethora of cheese options, she takes some big risks with food combinations, and there's definitely a conscious effort to get creative with bread. But beyond that, her writing is hilarious. It's one of the few blogs I will actually read the post of, and not just skim over the photos. It's just real 20 something shit. And it's pretty worth the read. It's inspired me to really make better content, though I'm still working at trying to find the voice I want to be writing in. I've also really taken cues from her post layout, and started documenting the sandwich procedure, 'cause I've realized this is instructional, as well as an opportunity for maximal foodporn. So when a friend of mine on fb said recently, that I was the GC master (so lolz btw), I just thought nuh uhn. Check her blog out. Though you probably have, it's mega famous.

Anyway, I think this flowery, far-reaching, spicy grilled cheese sandwich says everything I want it to say. It's like, "Hey girl, I know what's up, I'm down for whatever. I don't mind crossing the line of pretension, 'cause I've got plenty of edge, like, I swear fluently in at least two languages." 



GLORIOUS SANDWICHES will have a new website, coming soon. I'm looking forward to a new, nicer, more streamlined site. With as always evolving, imaginative, foodporn content.


THE PRESQU'ÎLE feta + black olive + tomato

This post is so obviously the Greek cliché, but I'm gonna talk about the presqu'île, my closest contact to Mediterranean life. The point here, is simplicity. Pair down to a few quality ingredients. Embrace tradition. Minimal effort. Eat. Drink wine (yes, even over lunch). Remind yourself life is good. 

But, so omg, I totally don't feel that way at the moment. Life in Toronto can be so manic, and I find myself so unbearably stressed, feeling like I'm always playing catchup. But this sandwich was one of those simple pleasures that reminded me, there is more to life, and sometimes, less is more. 


THE WALK IN THE PARK red anjou pear grilled cheese

The sandwich is sublime, and memorable, without an ounce of try-hard. Like my favourite shirt, I could eat it every day of the week, but instead break it out with the infrequency to keep it special. 

This sandwich, for me, will always be a classic. It's effortless, yet impressive. Simple, while still totally indulgent. It's a laid back, unpretentious grilled cheese, with sophistication. Like the sandwich equivalent of linen. It's also a top shelf idea for any occasion, any company. It's my take on a sandwich I used to order all the time at my favourite food spot in Toronto. On lazy days, or days, I would head out across Trinity Bellwoods park, visit the small galleries down the Ossington strip, then hang a left, and head for my favourite park-adjacent brunch hangout. It's got a classic, 50s diner layout, but none of the kitch. It boasts an all teak bar, with crystal glassware shelved behind, a vintage beverage fridge, and an open-air oyster icebox. The booths are small and intimate, each with a tall coat stand, that serves as a canopy in the cold months, with so many coats. The menu is short, and very carefully chosen. It's the kind of place I couldn't afford at night, but my friends and I used to frequent the brunch menu. We'd get a few dishes, share them around. It's simple food, done with an instinctual flourish. My favourite was their grilled cheese with bartlett pear, served with a chilli tomato compote, and a side of olives. It was a ritual I'd do when I needed out of a funk, or any time I'd have an out of town visitor. That, and a walk back through the park, could cure anything.