THE PRASANNATA vegan mango salsa

I've read a million different translations of 'prasannata', but I've deduced it's use is somewhere around rejoice, joyful, tingling with happiness, and sunshine. Which is fitting, 'cause I recently spent the day with my way yogic friend Becca. She taught me some yoga, we made an awesome set of vegan sandwiches, and she left me feeling super zen. And really limber, and light on my feet. Like I had put down a backpack of daily bullshit for the day. Feels great. Also, I kind of needed a detox from all the meat I've been eating for the blog lately.

Also, in the spirit of the day, Becca said she was bringing over some plant-based sandwich fixings, and I told her to just surprise me. Bring what she wanted to eat, and I'd figure it out. So this was actually the first time I've cut into a mango. I've just never dealt with mangos before. I've never bought one. I can't remember if I've ever eaten mango anything of my own accord. Maybe sorbet once. But I definitely remembered this awesome spicy mango and tomato salsa this chef friend of mine made once. I think it may have involved tequila. Anyway. I was really excited about eating a mango in a sandwich, and not even try cooking with it. So I made the closest thing I could to a Mexican corn + tomato salad, and here was the result.

Side note. I probably won't be making anything with mangos again any time soon. They're all slippery, and mostly pit. What gives? Really good, but I'm not sure they're worth the bother. Always good to try new things though.

What's in it:
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
cherry tomato
corn relish
green onion
raw garlic
Himalayan salt
ground pepper
coconut oil

This sandwich's beauty is in it's simplicity. Everything is raw, so the only thing you need to do, is to chop the salad/salsa stuffs. Then just put everything into a bowl, squeeze some lemon, lime if you have it, and stir!

You should let it sit so the flavours can settle. I would recommend half an hour if you have the patience. It really allows everything to absorb flavours from eachother, and become more complex. Then when you're ready, toast the bread (I pan toasted it on one side only, in coconut oil).

Then spread it all on!

And there it is. One sandwich to share, one on the way.

YAY for vegan meals, and deep stretching.

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