THE B-SIDE roast chicken + slab bacon + cranberry boursin + brie

Don't get me wrong, there are some b-sides that are amongst my top fave songs from a band, but they end up as b-sides for a reason. I really had high hopes for this sandwich. If you look closely at the photos, you might even be able to tell I tried making this one twice. But despite my efforts, it just didn't turn out like I was hoping. I mean... it looks ok and all. I didn't throw it in the gutter. But it didn't have the majesty some sandwiches have. I'm putting it out there anyway, for anyone who will quietly gravitate towards it's chaotic, misunderstood, maybe overlooked beauty.
Or like, anyone who likes bacon. Thick, slab bacon. Mingling with savoury, moist, roast chicken breast, skin ON, and creamy, airy, gooey, melted cheeses. There's been an unholy amount of bacon going on here lately. I usually don't like eating meat more than once every week or two, but the sandwich ambitions have been taking over. I kind of feel like shit, but I'm kind of really enjoying making, and eating these sandwiches. Dilemma! If anyone wants to be my roommate... I'll make you sandwiches, and watch you eat them while I attempt to do yoga in our livingroom. Preferably Dovercourt-Roncey, hardwood floors, and must be a music and food adventurer. 

Here's what's in it:
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery romano bean bread)
slab bacon (from The Hogtown Cure)
roast chicken breast (whole roast chicken from Rowe Farms)
cranberry and pepper Boursin
Brie de Meaux
mustard grain
raw creamed wildflower honey
notice there's no butter, 'cause you're gonna fry this sucker in bacon fat!

If you've never made the switch to mustard in its granular form, do it, do it, do it. Still infinitely mixable.

Cranberry and pepper Boursin. This stuff is like 1.40€ in France, and tripple that here. But it's kind of addictive, and like, where else am I going to get cranberry infused spreadable cheese?


I swear, I'm actually really not even that into bacon...

Nice meat.

Onto the chicken. Skin on. Bring on the salt, bring on the fat.

Ok, then the celery to give some crunch, and freshness to all the heavy flavours. Topped with Brie because it melts so good.

Aaaaand, there you go, a stack of not very healthy, delicious foods, looking like so.

I actually got to share this one with my mumsie. She said it was pretty good.

Anyone have a favourite B-side? I'm still thinking. Post me links if you like.


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