THE BAROQUE chicken + egg + heirloom potato salad

Ok, this is straight up one of those times where I start with an idea, "Oh, I'm going to use up some of this roast chicken, and make a chicken salad," and then pursue it to near overkill. This sandwich has a Glorious Sandwiches near-record-breaking 17 ingredients in it, not counting the bread. Speaking of overkill, I have this sick sort of fascination with eating chicken AND egg together. It feels so depraved.

You know when you're young, and every week, you have a new life ambition, and you're constantly talking about what you want to be when you grow up? When I was a kid, I remember wanting to be an artist, a scientist, more specifically a herpetologist (to study turtles), an orthodontist (ew, wtf), someone involved in the olympics in some capacity, a fashion designer, an architect, a psychiatrist, and probably many other things. Then I went to school with the intention of becoming a counselling psychologist. But at parties, I always told people I was an astronaut. Or a war photographer.

Actually, the "thing" I will look back on and regret in life, the way most older people recount abandoning their biggest dream in life, is furniture designer. I used to really love dreaming up and making horrible sketches of really conceptual furniture, and appliances.

Now I'm noticing my friends and I still talk like this. But it becomes slightly less career-specific, and more about projects, and things we want in life. My friends and I are constantly talking about personal projects. And what cities we want to move to. And the kinds of apartments we want to live in in 5 years. In 10 years though, I want a place with a backyard farm. I want to keep chickens. And I want to grow all my own vegetables. Maybe by then I'll have launched that guerrilla gardening education program... or maybe I'll be too busy with some other venture. Or reviving my abstract crayon art.

Anyway, this is such a farmer's market haul sandwich. Most of it straight up from here in Ontario.
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery romano bean bread)
caramelized onion cheddar (thanks Hogtown Cure)
roast chicken breast (with skin)
boiled egg (oragnic + free range)
purple heirloom potato
red gala apple
mustard grain
maple syrup
Himalayan salt
ground pepper
organic butter

(Hey, if you're making this yourself, let's be honest, I'd say most of those ingredients are optional)

First lay on the cheese. Look at how beautiful this cheddar is.

Seriously, that marbling.

Apple. Sliced in thin. Could'a put them in the salad, but also good this way.

Here's all the salad ingredients, and all the condiments included.

Give it a stir.

Put as much of it on as you think your bread can handle. If you have a bun, that would be best, but I have yet to find nice gluten-free buns.

Obviously fry it in butter. Duh.

Here's what it looks like. Wish I could show you what it tasted like.

It was pretty... "baroque," for lack of a better way of describing so many damn things together.

So many sandwich posts all ready to go. Hope to post lots this week.
xo Emily

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