PRESENTING: PICKLES garlic dills + bacon + roast potato

PICKLES! Pickles, pickles, pickles! I've never been a pickle person, I so I knew I had to dive face-first, and make a pickle sandwich. So I went to my local sandwich fixin'z spot The Hogtown Cure, a little naive, but willing, and wanting for pickles. The owner is this really super nice guy who always says hi, and asks you how your day is going, and you can tell he's always just trying to keep a lid on his passion for the meats and cheeses he curates, and all the top shelf canned products on hand. The enthusiasm is right at the surface, and he jumps at the chance to let it out. Well, I'm always all ears, and this time, I guess I asked too many questions, because after about 5 minutes of pickle talk, an order of "one sandwich worth of your bacon," and then some other impulse purchases, he turns to me and says, well, anyway, the point is my cover is blown. I don't know why I like the anonymity so much. I'm a pretty fucking chatty person, but I also kind of like the sandwich thing to be some sort of a secret. I guess I've been rethinking the nameless, faceless nature of this blog this year anyway. And trying lots of other new things. Like pickles. 


THE HELVETICA OF GRILLED CHEESE mozzarella + fresh herbs

You know what's the fucking best? When you wake up on a Sunday with no hangover, catch up on some recent Bill Maher episodes, and then realize that @SandwichLovers regrammed another one of your sandwiches(my sandwiches)! Buddy has like 10K+ followers, and is hyping ME. Little lowly, "Hey you, aren't you that girl who makes those sandwiches on my friend's Facebook feed?" 

Well that would be amazing. And I'm pretty proud of this post. So I'm going to shamelessly ask that you share this blog with anyone whom you think might enjoy it. This blog is strictly a personal project that I do for my own satisfaction, but hearing feedback about how much some people dig it, and resonate with this niche interest of mine really makes me want to spread that joy around. If you know someone who could use an eyeful of sandwich, don't keep it to yourself. Help me get one step closer to sandwich blog infamy, so that I may one day fulfil my life aspiration of being the first sandwich blogger in space (yes, I know all about crumb-resistant space tortillas, and that Hadfield and Williams totally have me beat).

Anyway, happy Sunday. I'm putting photos of crispy bread and melty cheese on the internet. And apparently some people are into it. Life rules.


THE RONCEY brisket + coleslaw + rye

I'm really lucky to have such supportive parents. They believe in my dreams, and read my sandwich blog. They feed me nice food when I come visit, and always offer me wine with dinner, even though I just inhale my food, and end up with an empty second helping plate and a full glass. And, I would call this a parent sponsored/collaboration post, because my dad provided the brisket. He usually asks what I feel like having when I come over for dinner. Food is kind of my dad's way. It's that thing he can do for others to show them he cares. And he loves to cook. I guess I get that attitude from him. Anyway, my response this time, was selfishly "something I can take home leftovers of and use in a sandwich post." So it was a total blind request, and I ended up with this AMAZING brisket. It's really easy too. Step one: go to your parents' house when they're making brisket. Step two: take lots of it home. In all seriousness, he did make it from his own invention, and I forget what all is in it, but it's sweet, and tangy, and slow cooked to perfection. Matched with my own twist on 'slaw. On rye bread.


THE AB AND BANANA MELT almond butter + banana + gruyère

I love bananas, but I just can't, and don't ever eat them plain. There's always a better way. They're like toast. Never fewer than 3 things on 'em. Served on a plate. Sliced. There's usually a fork involved. I've just become really fucking particular about how I like things, and I'm wondering whether that makes me "difficult", but I'd rather think of it in terms of I put the extra effort into maximal enjoyment of my food/life. I don't own clothes I don't love. I don't go to shows I'm not into. I don't spend my time with people who aren't engaging. I don't eat my bananas plain. Here's some toast, and banana, meeting in this cheesy melt. No need for either of them to be lonely, there's lots of garnish to keep them in good company.


THE FROACHED egg + avocado + bacon

I love taking sandwich requests from friends. I invite them over, and get them to tell me what their DREAM sandwich would be. And then I end up with a cool sandwich that I probably wouldn't have come up with on my own, and a really satisfied friend. Eytan, this really cool dj/musician friend of mine asked for something involving a froached egg, and avocado. We riffed on it a bit, and ultimately came up with something that isn't this, and I am sheepishly admitting I didn't invite him over for this one, it's just kind of something that happened because I had the perfect mix of scrap leftovers. In fact, I don't even know if Eytan eats bacon. I'm sorry buddy! I WILL have you over for your dream sandwich. 

Also, ps, sometimes you're all in regular life, and then something happens that jars you, and you realize the future is happening so fast, and this isn't the landline telephone, Hannah Barbara cartoon, 90s fashion world we grew up in. Except the 90s fashion. All my clothes are probably from the 90s. ANYWAY. Last time I saw Eytan, he said he really liked my Instagram feed, or rather, he thought I had a "really good Instagram feed." And I was all "HOLY new world compliment!" Like, that is now a legitimate compliment to give someone, and I thought it was so strange. Like that time I was on Skype, and said to somebody, "Oh sorry, I closed the window you were in." which is a sentence that would make no sense 10-15 years ago.

What was I talking about? Oh yea, sandwiches. Here's a sandwich post guys.


THE HOGTOWN ham, just ham.

Sometimes I'm unimpressed with the sandwiches I post, or I spend an hour making a sandwich, and just never post it at all. Usually what goes wrong is it just gets overcomplicated, and loses focus. This post is all about simplicity, because appreciating food has very little to do with what goes into making it, it all comes down to whether it satisfies you. And I've been pretty good at applying that nugget of wisdom to life too lately. I don't overthink things too much, and the simple shit is really the best. Making new friends. Asking old friends how their day is going. Spending some time by yourself doing something that makes you happy.


THE DONATELLO eggplant + avocado + purple watercress

This sandwich is named after Donatello, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Pretty much because it's purple and green, and that's Donatello's colour. I used to fucking love the Ninja Turtles growing up in the late 80s, early 90s. I mean, who didn't? It was all action, all do-gooding, there was pizza. The pizza looked gross, but I mean, ass-kicking turtles, and a rat sansei? And a babe reporter in a tight yellow jumpsuit? Hello. Probably all my first crushes were on that show. I remember really digging Michaelangello, 'cause he was such a goofball shit-disturber, but not in the way Raphael was kind of just a hotheaded, violent jerk. I always revered Leonardo and Donatello for being the more useful seeming of the brother pack. Leonardo was a bit boring though, let's be honest. No one gravitates to the pristine hero. Donatello was interesting because he seemed like he had the most going for him, without needing the charisma of the other brothers. He was the brains of the outfit, the most intellectually inclined. Always saving the day by figuring shit out, and by way of invention. Totally my style. If there was one TMNT I'd like to think of myself as, it would be him, and according to a highly reliable internet quiz, Donatello is my turtle identity. Anyway, this post is arguably vegan. COWABUNGA DUDES!


THE CHERRY CHORIZO < what she said + boursin + sprouts

Hey guys, I know your eyes must be starving, as I haven't posted in over a week! I photographed this one ages ago, so I'm happy to finally be getting it to you. This one was a goodie. It's a dreamy, sweet, spicy, and creamy mix of mostly new things for the blog. Hey, #lyfeparallels.

I guess I've been pretty distracted. I'm sad to say I'm moving out of my dream loft, and though I don't yet know where I'll be moving, it'll be somewhere nice, with a(some) great roommate(s), and it will be so nice to be constantly surrounded by creatives, and probably a lot of new food inspiration. Hopefully, there will be lots more collaborations in the future for Glorious Sandwiches. Maybe I'll even have a garden to grown some plant-based sandwich fixin's.  Ps, I LOVE looking for housing in Toronto. It's not difficult, or really expensive, or discouraging. No, not at all. 


THE NO SOUP, AND SANDWICH bacon + potato + manchego + leek

I can't eat gluten. It's a bummer, but honestly, I'm over it. I rarely miss it, or think about it these days. I'm really happy with what I eat, though it is sometimes hard to pick a restaurant, but in Toronto, not really. The major bummer for me is beer, because there are countless amazing kraft breweries around Toronto, whose beer I would love to be enjoying. The other major downside, is I feel like there's a big lack of bread diversity on this blog now! I used to love featuring different types of bread. My dad's poppyseed and onion sourdough, a nice rye bun, an eggy challah, fucking BAGELS. I never really got around to croissants while I had the chance. 

Anyway, I find I'm at my most creative when I'm just working out of necessity. I'm out of bread, and I want to make a post, so I decided to just get resourceful. Here's my take on something that still totally counts as a "sandwich". But the name is a reference to how to me, these ingredients suggest more a deconstructed soup than anything.