THE HELVETICA OF GRILLED CHEESE mozzarella + fresh herbs

You know what's the fucking best? When you wake up on a Sunday with no hangover, catch up on some recent Bill Maher episodes, and then realize that @SandwichLovers regrammed another one of your sandwiches(my sandwiches)! Buddy has like 10K+ followers, and is hyping ME. Little lowly, "Hey you, aren't you that girl who makes those sandwiches on my friend's Facebook feed?" 

Well that would be amazing. And I'm pretty proud of this post. So I'm going to shamelessly ask that you share this blog with anyone whom you think might enjoy it. This blog is strictly a personal project that I do for my own satisfaction, but hearing feedback about how much some people dig it, and resonate with this niche interest of mine really makes me want to spread that joy around. If you know someone who could use an eyeful of sandwich, don't keep it to yourself. Help me get one step closer to sandwich blog infamy, so that I may one day fulfil my life aspiration of being the first sandwich blogger in space (yes, I know all about crumb-resistant space tortillas, and that Hadfield and Williams totally have me beat).

Anyway, happy Sunday. I'm putting photos of crispy bread and melty cheese on the internet. And apparently some people are into it. Life rules.

This is called The Helvetica of grilled cheese because it's pretty much as classic and purist as you can get, with just that extra, all-pleasing, all-purpose dose of sophistication and versatility. If Helvetica were a grilled cheese, this is totally it. And if you're at all into watching a documentary about Helvetica the font, I highly recommend it. It's way cooler than its super dull trailer.

The Helvetica:
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
goat mozzarella

I opted for goat mozzarella 'cause I've found this cheese to have the perfect melting constitution, but more flavour than cow's mozzarella, yet without being too "goaty". Grate a mountain of it, but save some for the top.



Oregano, #newlifediscovery of 2013.


More cheese. DUH.

Butter. Lots of damn butter.

Now get ready to fry this bitch.

Perfectly golden-brown. I was definitely in the zone when I made this.

Now cut it up and watch that cheese melt.

Uhhhn #cheeseporn.


K guys. Hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did. Go like my FB page, so I can tell you every time there's a post, and you can share them with your friends. If you like the content, holler!


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