THE FROACHED egg + avocado + bacon

I love taking sandwich requests from friends. I invite them over, and get them to tell me what their DREAM sandwich would be. And then I end up with a cool sandwich that I probably wouldn't have come up with on my own, and a really satisfied friend. Eytan, this really cool dj/musician friend of mine asked for something involving a froached egg, and avocado. We riffed on it a bit, and ultimately came up with something that isn't this, and I am sheepishly admitting I didn't invite him over for this one, it's just kind of something that happened because I had the perfect mix of scrap leftovers. In fact, I don't even know if Eytan eats bacon. I'm sorry buddy! I WILL have you over for your dream sandwich. 

Also, ps, sometimes you're all in regular life, and then something happens that jars you, and you realize the future is happening so fast, and this isn't the landline telephone, Hannah Barbara cartoon, 90s fashion world we grew up in. Except the 90s fashion. All my clothes are probably from the 90s. ANYWAY. Last time I saw Eytan, he said he really liked my Instagram feed, or rather, he thought I had a "really good Instagram feed." And I was all "HOLY new world compliment!" Like, that is now a legitimate compliment to give someone, and I thought it was so strange. Like that time I was on Skype, and said to somebody, "Oh sorry, I closed the window you were in." which is a sentence that would make no sense 10-15 years ago.

What was I talking about? Oh yea, sandwiches. Here's a sandwich post guys.

What's in it:
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
organic free range froached egg
organic avocado
local antibiotic-free bacon
raw brie
raw creamed honey
grainy mustard
balsamic vinegar
organic butter

So first off, mix all the condiments into one ramekin. You end up with a sort of sweet, and vinegary mustard dressing.

Also, by this point, you've pre-toasted, or pan fried your bread in butter. both sides, one side, whatever. Now lay on the dressing.

Avocado slices. Fresh and creamy. What was my life before avocados? Nothing. It was nothing.

Brie. This is actually quite pungent cheese. I always opt for raw dairy cheeses when I can, and let me tell you, I would not leave this cheese out in the sun. Works beautifully when balanced with the balsamic though.

Bacon. Bacon. It's so beautiful. And basically anytime I hashtag something bacon, it's gets twice as much traffic. People are animals. Bacon-loving animals.

Did you need another look?

Maybe just one more.


The froached egg! Poached, then fried. I really did try my best...

Then lettuce! To add some freshness to all these heavy breakfast delights.

Aaaand, there you go.

It's pretty pretty, right?

Like, I'm not a morning person, but a breakfast like this cheered me right up.

The shy, and demure shot.

And, I'm almost done.

Ok, now next time you see something similar, you will also see Eytan's face around it. Swearsies.

Thanks for looking guys.

Emily xx

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