THE DONATELLO eggplant + avocado + purple watercress

This sandwich is named after Donatello, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Pretty much because it's purple and green, and that's Donatello's colour. I used to fucking love the Ninja Turtles growing up in the late 80s, early 90s. I mean, who didn't? It was all action, all do-gooding, there was pizza. The pizza looked gross, but I mean, ass-kicking turtles, and a rat sansei? And a babe reporter in a tight yellow jumpsuit? Hello. Probably all my first crushes were on that show. I remember really digging Michaelangello, 'cause he was such a goofball shit-disturber, but not in the way Raphael was kind of just a hotheaded, violent jerk. I always revered Leonardo and Donatello for being the more useful seeming of the brother pack. Leonardo was a bit boring though, let's be honest. No one gravitates to the pristine hero. Donatello was interesting because he seemed like he had the most going for him, without needing the charisma of the other brothers. He was the brains of the outfit, the most intellectually inclined. Always saving the day by figuring shit out, and by way of invention. Totally my style. If there was one TMNT I'd like to think of myself as, it would be him, and according to a highly reliable internet quiz, Donatello is my turtle identity. Anyway, this post is arguably vegan. COWABUNGA DUDES!

So I wrote the beginning of that early the other day, then got distracted and left it. That night ended up being a weird sort of Friday. I just ended up staying in with a few friends until past last call. There was just no inertia to go out, but plenty of booze. Eventually though, we felt pretty pathetic, and decided to cab it to a friend's bar, where we could still get served. Before hailing a cab, one of my friends stopped to bum a smoke from the dudes standing outside my building. The basement of my building is half shared workspace, half open gallery. It gets used for events like launches, sometimes shows, galas, and the odd art exhibition. I wasn't much paying attention, we got in a cab. We were out for all of 5 minutes, and my friend and I decided to just leg it back to mine, and go talk to those dudes.

They were a bunch of maybe 6 or 7, setting up this art exhibit for a one day show celebrating Iranian art and culture. We kind of just drunkenly decided to invite ourselves in, and chat them up. Rather than thanking us for our interest, and asking us to let them get on with their all nighter of work, they welcomed us, engaged us, and happily talked to us about what they were doing. They shared their wine. I truly met these really neat dudes, doing neat things, and discussing their art, particularly the photography, because that's really my thing. It was so good to talk to people about doing the types of things I would like to see myself doing. They're young, and full of ideas, and stand behind the work they do. I'm young, unambitious, and have a tumblr photojournal I never took seriously, and ultimately gave up on. I have a job I don't feel particularly proud about. Though most people think it's "cool" (I curate and retail vintage btw). But the point is I never feel discouraged, always propelled, and inspired.

I had such wonderful conversations with each of these people, but at some point, I don't remember how it came up, but totally organically, one of the guys I was talking to mentioned how Donatello was clearly the best Ninja Turtle "BECAUSE HE'S THE BRAINS!" We literally said that at the same time. I mean, how often do Ninja Turtles come up?! Weird.

What was the point of that story? I'm not sure. It was kind of a two parter. I visited them the next day, the show went well, so many people came, and celebrated their work with them. I was really happy I got to meet them, and share a little bit of the feeling, having watched them work so hard until very late in the night.

I'm still like 8 posts behind, but I worked on a really good sandwich collaboration today, so look out for that. I'll post it soon. Look out world. I've got so much to do in you.

What's in it:
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery wine bread)
fried eggplant
purple watercress
creamed honey
coconut oil

Honey. Some vegans eat honey. As a former vegan, yes, I've had this conversation a thousand times. Make your personal choices, so long as they're informed.

Avocado. Nature's easily top 10 invention.

Mash that up! Fork it good.

You've got your eggplant rounds sliced thin, and fried in lots of coconut oil.

They're kind of slimy, but juicy, and crispy, and where does that tang come from?

Add some thyme. Instant food transformation. You could put that shit on mac and cheese, and it would seem sophisticated. Excellent paired with honey.

Watercress. Never bothered to eat this before, but it looks so cool.

Squeeze lemon all over it.

Remember the honey? Fuck, it's just so good, and makes this sandwich next level.

There it is.

*Vegan, and one of the best sandwiches I've eaten in ages.

I think I'm going to at least start a personal tumblr again. For now, follow the GS Instagram, maybe join the FB page, so you can share the latest posts with your friends. Everyone loves sandwiches.


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