THE AB AND BANANA MELT almond butter + banana + gruyère

I love bananas, but I just can't, and don't ever eat them plain. There's always a better way. They're like toast. Never fewer than 3 things on 'em. Served on a plate. Sliced. There's usually a fork involved. I've just become really fucking particular about how I like things, and I'm wondering whether that makes me "difficult", but I'd rather think of it in terms of I put the extra effort into maximal enjoyment of my food/life. I don't own clothes I don't love. I don't go to shows I'm not into. I don't spend my time with people who aren't engaging. I don't eat my bananas plain. Here's some toast, and banana, meeting in this cheesy melt. No need for either of them to be lonely, there's lots of garnish to keep them in good company.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. I like to eat my bananas with a sprinkling of cinnamon, almonds, poppy seeds, sometimes peanut butter, coconut, and if it's a really indulgent week, 35% sour cream, or cheese (but my groceries are almost entirely vegan, unless it's for the blog). Himalayan salt if it's for a friend. Oh and chocolate. Duh. Bananas are amazing with dark chocolate and coffee.

But really specific food descriptions hardly constitute engaging conversation. Or do they? I find I have the most niche conversations with people almost too much lately. Living in a place like Toronto, where the arts/music/food industry scene is so developed, it's easy to end up completely surrounded by people who share all your tastes and interests. Which is great, because I'm always being exposed to really amazing music/art/creative ideas, and hopefully doing some of the same, but I can also find myself in these really self-indulgent conversations about what shows are going on, dissecting the personal style of the people around us, which Toronto butcheries we fantasize about. The other day, in self-aware irony, but totally unironically, and sincerely, I asked a guy over text what he was wearing, 'cause he's like, a craaaaaaazy dresser, and I was genuinely curious. He gives me a 4 line response detailing his present outfit. Which is exactly the kind of answer I was after. But still. It's not really substantive. I feel like I better myself the most when I talk about ideas, and get inspired by other people, and do projects. But I guess everyone needs some mindless chatter about the shit we both like.

So you either care, or don't care, but you are here for #foodporn, so there you have it. That's how I like my bananas. This is how I liked my banana today*.

What's in it this time:
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery wine bread)
organic fair trade banana
almond butter
strawberry jam
raw cow dairy gruyère
creamed raw Ontario honey
organic butter

Let's pretend I had some of their delicious Breakfast Loaf, which is cinnamon raisin. So good. Honey. The usual staple.

Strawberry jam. Made in Ontario.

Almond butter. Crunchy. Duh.

The cheese! You can also grate this if you plan on getting it melted well.

Les bananes. Die Bananen. The bananas.

Looks like a little banana sleepover party.

Shredded up the basil.

Then pan toast them in butter a few minutes a side, and here you go!

Gooey, cheesy, banana sandwich.

It's breakfast. It's grilled cheese. It's vegetarian. It's a bit unusual tasting, in a good way. It's ticking all the boxes.

And with tea.

See, Jon Stewart approves.

*If you're really with the times, and you're wondering I'm eating this while watching Jon Stewart, because you know he's been off for the week, and today is a Sunday, well kudos for being so observant. You weirdo. I made this like 4 weeks ago. It's been a busy month.


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