THE RONCEY brisket + coleslaw + rye

I'm really lucky to have such supportive parents. They believe in my dreams, and read my sandwich blog. They feed me nice food when I come visit, and always offer me wine with dinner, even though I just inhale my food, and end up with an empty second helping plate and a full glass. And, I would call this a parent sponsored/collaboration post, because my dad provided the brisket. He usually asks what I feel like having when I come over for dinner. Food is kind of my dad's way. It's that thing he can do for others to show them he cares. And he loves to cook. I guess I get that attitude from him. Anyway, my response this time, was selfishly "something I can take home leftovers of and use in a sandwich post." So it was a total blind request, and I ended up with this AMAZING brisket. It's really easy too. Step one: go to your parents' house when they're making brisket. Step two: take lots of it home. In all seriousness, he did make it from his own invention, and I forget what all is in it, but it's sweet, and tangy, and slow cooked to perfection. Matched with my own twist on 'slaw. On rye bread.

Yea, I didn't get to eat this one, because it's on rye. My friend Irene was staying over for the week, and had rye I thought would be perfect for the sandwich, so I made it, and then scooped out half the insides, whatever hadn't touched the poisonous, poisonous gluten, and then gave her the half sandwich that was left. Really cool story bro, right?

I have nothing to say. I'm really tired. I just want to finish this post I photographed over a week ago, and get out of bed, and make another sandwich.

What's in it:
rye bread
     red cabbage
     green savoy cabbage
     shredded carrots
     shredded apple
     apple cider vinegar
grainy mustard
more mayonaise
coconut oil  

Oh yea, definitely cook the cabbage and stuff. Seared vegetable is way better than raw vegetable. Cooked in coconut oil. Then add your frisée and parsley, mayo and vinegar.

Pre pan toast your bread. Mustard. A must. Also pictured, mayonaise.

The coleslaw! It's the kind of thing everyone does differently. This is mine. Was really tasty.

The Brisket. I mean, COME ON. Look at that.


Now put it together, if you can fight the urge to just stick your face on that meat and devour.

What a looker. 

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