THE PIZZA DATE goat mozzarella + portobello + oregano

Let's talk about PIZZA. Everyone knows pizza is the best food. If you think there's a more perfect invention, you're wrong. Shutup. Go home. You're drunk. Ok, maybe sandwiches, but let's be honest, probably pizza > sandwiches. Anyway, this is my pizza sandwich. It was bound to happen eventually, but I'm actually so so excited about how it turned out.

Also, I'm getting waaaaay too into Instagraming shit. It's going to straight up overtake the blog. If you're on it, add me. I'm always amazed with the crazy amount of talent and #foodporn on there. Also the FB group while you're at it. xx

All credit goes to my friend V on this one. She's the bomb. She's in a super cool two person band Dinosaurs and Polar Bears, she's somewhat of a DIY maven, all her drawings are amazing, she's getting a masters, and she makes some pretty rad eats. She's constantly making and doing. She's the kind of person I could stand to be a little more like. When she was doing a semester here in Toronto, she used to come over, and we'd have these Friday night pizza dates, and watch Girls. They were amazing. We'd make a gluten-free crust, shred up some goat mozzarella, and top it simply, with mushrooms and fresh oregano. Totally rocked my pizza world. It was mostly her concept, and her labour. Anyway, had to bring it to you in sandwich form, since she's back in Austria, so no pizza for me. But if you're ever near Vienna, go check out a show if you can, and ask her to make you pizza, it's the best!

And now some Emily trivia, since I really don't feel like writing anything in particular today.
Fave pizza topping: mushroom.
Fave thing to do on a Friday night other than pizza date with V: obvs go to a great live show, drink some bourbon.
Fave thing to do after that: hope the new Real Time with Bill Maher episode is up for streaming at 3 am.
Fave neighbours: NOT the couple next door presently having their hundredth, hilariously infantile breakup screaming match. WHAT the hell. I should change my wifi network name to SRSLY?? Ok, live update. they've just stopped screaming to... vacuum?

ANYWAY, here's what's all up in this pizza sandwich:
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery grapeskin flour bread)
goat mozzarella
Himalayan salt
ground pepper
coconut oil (olive also a good choice if you can eat it cooked)

I spread the coconut oil over the bottoms of the bread because they're going to get turned over, and baked. if you're using olive, you can probably just spread it over your baking sheet when ready. Also, take note, I'm doing all steps for both pieces of bread. That way you can eat them open-faced, like pizza, or make one monstrous pizza sandwich. Speaking of which, go heat your oven to somewhere upwards of 375-400.

Fluffy, pillowy goat mozzarella! If you've read the blog before, you know how much goat cheese use to freak me out, and disgust me, but it turns out, it's really just a few kinds that are... 'goaty' blech! I highly recommend goat or sheep's mozzarella if you've never tried it.

Sliced portobello. I opted for the bigger mushroom just 'cause everyone knows how annoying it is to have small bits of stuff fall out of sandwiches :( Also, always way overdo mushrooms. Why? Because they are the best thing ever, and they shrink a ton when heated. I basically double covered the surface area of the bread.

Zucchini. Just learned how to spell that word. Thanks spellcheck. Slice it really thin so it doesn't add too much moisture when it sweats.

Now top everything with a little more cheese, to make sure everything melts into place. Add the oregano, salt, and pepper. I don't even chop the oregano. It's great in bites.

Put it all on a pan.

Bonus photo, 'cause it's so cute.

Take 'em out after about 10 minutes. Or until the cheese is melted, and starting to brown.

Was a tough call, but I decided to sandwich them. So tempted to just open face it.

It's funny, it doesn't look like much, when I was a kid, I would make cheese on toast all the damn time, and always with mushrooms, but I think oregano must have some magical property to blow my mind.

What I just realized I love most about this cheese, is that it's a little drier than mozzarellas I've encountered in the past. It has the perfect melt factor, gets super gooey, and stretchy, but isn't greasy.

I hope you enjoyed. I'm in cheesed out bliss. 


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