THE FESTIVAL SPECIAL chicken + avocado + nectarine + onion sprouts

So I just worked this music festival in Toronto this weekend, Field Trip music fest
thrown by Arts & Crafts the all-important Canadian indie label founded by members of Broken Social Scene, and repping amazing homegrown bands like The Darcys, and Timber Timbre to name a few. BSS was one of the first bands I really got into, who were current (ie not from the 60s/70s/90s), and local, but big (ie, not my friends playing in shitty tiny venues with dirty bathrooms). They were a really special band to me for many, many years. And while their time is sort of over, they're still involved in the music scene, they play a show at least once a year, and when they do, they have like everyone who's ever been in the band show up (Feist, Emily Haines, K-Os, etc.) like 20 people on stage, and it's a lot of fun. Now they've been throwing these huge festival shows for years, I've seen them play Toronto Island with FUCKING PAVEMENT!!! and last year, for the labels' 10th anniversary they launched Field Trip fest, and this year, Field Trip take II, which I think will continue to be an ongoing annual thing. Now, any music event as such, is going to include de-facto BSS leader Kevin Drew speaking a bunch. I like his music ok, but he's an annoying SOB. He's the kind of person who seems like he's trying to be really positive all the time, but with these overtones of sour. I remember one year between songs he was saying something I found really delivery-wise irritating, but ultimately that I respected a lot, "Toronto, we did this for you, because we love you, blah blah blah, we wanted to make this the best fucking festival ever so all the food is local vendors, we put love into this so you don't have to eat shitty overpriced Pizza Pizza, fuck that." etc. Anyway, I love him for that, and for this indie label doing everything they can to make their festivals not only super enjoyable for the festival goers, but yes, to support local, Toronto businesses, particularly food businesses. It's a city rich in food culture, and to overlook that would be heartbreaking and downright offensive. So basically I worked all weekend, and didn't really get to enjoy seeing the bands, but I would say EASILY the highlight of my weekend (other than hanging with my super supportive friends who brought me food while I was working), WAS THE GOD DAMN HELL-ASS FOOD. There were like 20 Toronto food trucks, and restaurant stalls, and I ate these octopus tacos that were so UNREAL, they are going to haunt my dreams for years. That has nothing to do with this sandwich, but basically, if I were ever to run a food truck at a Toronto music festival (making sandwiches, DUH), this one would totally be on the menu.

Longtime readers of this blog, you may remember having seen this before. Yes. This used to be a signature sandwich of mine, and I wanted to do it justice at least once. 

What's in it?
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery Romano bean bread)
roast chicken (with skin)
onion sprouts
raw creamed honey
grainy mustard

Butter and pan toast the bread. Add honey, add mustard.

Add all your sliced fruit.

Doesn't that chicken look good? Sometimes it's nice to be lazy, and get a pre-roast chicken. Just make sure it's antibiotic and hormone free, if not organic.

Onion sprouts! Because you've got the salty, fatty, sweet, tangy, now finish it off with some bite.

Oh, and some lime, because what is a meal without lime?

Done. Super easy.

One of my favourite originals, and not too bad looking either!

Yea!!! I would never run a food truck though. Too much heat, shouting, and hurrying to do things. I'm super glad other people do though. If you live in Toronto, go check out Buster's Sea Cove. Both a restaurant, and a food truck. Ask for the octopus tacos, I'm deadly serious.

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