THE BREAKFAST BOMB scrambled eggs + french toast

So I think we can all agree breakfast is the best meal of the day. At least up until that point in the day. And it's becoming pretty clear from this blog I have a predilection for breakfast sandwiches. Just think about it, you finally peel yourself out of bed, hazy, and stiff, and having to face the world, and get shit done? Well, I need a little more convincing than that. So first thing I do, tends to be putting on some tea or coffee, and getting to work giving myself a real reason to be awake, and for me, that is food.

What's in it?
french toast! (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
marbled egg
raw 4 year cheddar
heirloom tomato
pea sprouts
fried onion
fried garlic
fresh basil
raw creamed honey

So obviously french toast is the ultimate in "give me a reason to get out of bed" foods. Why have bread when you can have fluffy slices of eggy french toast? I added a generous drop of vanilla to the egg, and let the bread soak in for a minute. I fried that in a pan, lightly buttered, and shook out a dash of cinnamon on each side.

Here's the raw honey, onions, and cheese. Honestly, such a perfect blend of things that I would eat a sandwich of just those three things.

I've really been loving this variety of heirloom tomatoes. They're a deep, brownish colour, sometimes with green on the inside. They're juicy, and boldly flavourful, but with a rounder, less acidic taste than traditional red vine tomatoes. Topped with buttery garlic, because, duh, what says summer like tomatoes and garlic?

Now the pea shoots, which I love. They're green, and sweet, and crunchy, and wonderful with eggs. I marble my eggs, which is similar to scrambling, except instead of whisking the eggs, throw them whole in the pan on a low heat, allow the whites to cook a little, then with my wooden spatula, I break the yolks, and push them around a bit. I love how the whites and yolks stay separated, that way you get a fully saturated yolky colour, and boldness. Look how cheerful these eggs look! Just a few grains of coarse salt to bring them out.

And that's a breakfast worth getting out of bed for:


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