THE LUCKY CAT spicy peanut chicken

I have to explain for a moment, why I've started naming my sandwiches. And relay the reasons for this above poor choice right here. I started the blog in 2009, and kept it secret for at least a year. When I eventually started telling my friends about my really silly personal project, they naturally, started asking me to make sandwiches for them. I was all too happy to, because so often in the endeavour to make someone's dream sandwich, I really extended my own creativity, and came up with stuff I never would have thought I could have come up with. The sandwich dedicating definitely set me on a path. I'd call them, ask them to tell me what kind of a sandwich they would want. They'd request one or two ingredients, and I'd come up with the rest. They'd come over, I'd make it, and I'd usually photograph them eating it. But so often, I was surprised to be asked, "What's this one called?" I've been dismissing the notion of naming sandwiches, thinking listing their feature ingredients is good enough. And for some sandwiches, it is. But some sandwiches have some sort of personality, or context to them. So I thought it would be fun to finally start naming them. Here's The Lucky Cat, for your eye delecting pleasure.

I do realize the impropriety of titling a sandwich with 'cat,' but there is definitely no cat in this. It's chicken. Let's just get that out there, and no, neither is it some incredibly ignorant jab at an overused stereotype. None of that nonsense. It's just a pretty interwoven cloud of related thoughts that spat out the name Lucky Cat. And it's not much of a story, but there's meaning and layers between the cracks.

This is sort of a remake of that really embarrassingly amateur post, oh, we've come so far. That post really stuck with me, because I felt like it forced me to start thinking outward. Like with anything you work at, I think when you come to major breakthroughs, it sort of starts you at the beginning again, because you want to bring that new knowledge with you into every instance.

Anyway. I wrote up, but entirely failed to make coherent sense of the reference to the maneki-neko, or 'lucky cat,' so instead of having you all think I'm insane, delete, and let's skip to the end. 

So what does this have to do with anything? It's hard to explain, but I think luck, and newness, is essentially the same thing. They just come into our lives with different meaning. Maybe why the lucky cat is known by so many names: lucky cat, beckoning cat, happy cat, money cat. It's all prosperity. Somehow a collection of non-anecdotes seems to be all layers of the same thing in my life. It's serendipity, it's prosperity, it's knowledge, is an open door. This sandwich is the Lucky Cat.

I will probably/hopefully never talk that mythically about a sandwich ever again.

Oh! Utter, utter failure of accomplishing that post. Rewrite later.

Here's what's in it:
bread (white bean and millet seed gluten free by Queen St Gluten Free Bakery, Toronto)
pan fried chicken thigh
steamed broccoli
peanut butter
tamari sauce (gluten free soy sauce)
red chilli sauce

Spread the avocado on the bread. Mashing it is also a great option.

Layer the broccoli. This was steamed for under a minute, so it holds onto its crunch.

The main attraction: I pan fried the chicken until almost cooked. Sliced it. Put it back in the pan with the ginger, peanut butter, tamari sauce, and chilli. I tried using lemon juice to thin the paste. Organic one-ingredient peanut butter doesn't melt like the generic kind, it gets really sticky, and dries out. Oh well. Still delicious.

Don't forget the coriander.

Pan fry that sandwich!

Here it is, the sandwich that got stuck in my mind.

Pretty tasty.


Like, I will hopefully never make that little sense on this blog ever again.

x Emily

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