THE "VERY ADULT" sweet potato grilled cheese

When you're younger, your older friends always seemed so grown up. They had things figured out. It could sometimes have made them seem slightly intimidating, but ultimately, you weren't threatened, because you knew by the time you were their age, you would have all the same things figured out too. Hahaha. Then when you're 27, you realize you're older now, than your older friends then, and you're still struggling like hell. And that makes you feel old. I had a good conversation with a friend the other day about this, and not comparing yourself to people who aren't you. What those people have is what they want, and you don't have to want that too. It's not race, you'll have what you want when you're ready to work at it, and it's ok if still wandering makes you feel old, sometimes. Pat yourself on the back for the things you've figured out, and remember, you hate yourself because you do nothing and have a grilled cheese. 

Here's a slightly more adult version of the simple childhood grilled cheese we all know and love. If you feel no nostalgia for that pan fried, orange cheese, crispy little sandwich, that tastes of never ending afternoons, and concentrated, gooey bliss, you have probably died inside. Go watch some Care Bears. Last photo even shows it with *gasp* ketchup. 

Scratch that. I'm gonna eat a grilled cheese, and watch The Jetsons. But like, before I was old enough to realize how 1950s sexist The Jetsons is.

Sometimes, small things make you realize that you're 'old.' Don't try to tell me I'm not. There are single quote marks around old. Anyway, we won't be eating Wonderbread and Kraft singles today. I'm happy to leave that in the days of sheer ignorance to personal health, here's what you'll need:

white been and millet seed gluten free bread (or the bread of your choosing)
cream cheese
fried sweet potato
fried onion
barbecue mayo
rosemary butter

Spread the mayo and the soft cheese. I just mixed some of my fave farmer's market BBQ sauce with mayo for this one. Adds some subtle flavour depth. As a rule, never cheat yourself out of condiments.

Have you ever had almonds with cheese? It's kind of like, heavenly! Pecans might be even better. Still performing research.

The sweet potatoes! I sliced diagonal rounds as best I could. You want them thin enough not to add too much moisture to the sandwich. I pan fried them for a few minutes a side on medium before putting them in the sandwich.

This sandwich, I actually made entirely using goat dairy. It's not how I would have gone about it, but it's what was in my fridge, and honestly, it wasn't 'goaty,' I find 'goaty' tasting cheeses mainly distasteful, but they're super healthy because of their low levels of lactose and casein. Whatever your preference, always buy cheese from a reputable dairy. Did you know big grocery store brands don't have to list congealing agents if they're not considered food? (EW). I go to one of my local fromageries, or farmer's markets. I don't love shelling out the extra dough, but I way prefer eating significantly less, but far better quality dairy and animal products, than not. ANYWAY. Grated cheddar!

It is imperative that you generously butter the outside, because no one likes a dry grilled cheese. I made this butter by just mixing some chopped fresh rosemary into my organic butter.

Fry it in a pan on medium for a few minutes, and it's like food alchemy.

Never enough.

I also just want to mention, this sandwich is kind of a visual fake-out for me, because the sweet potato makes it look like it's made with American cheese. That's when I realized I needed the ketchup. Red, and tangy. Bliss ;)

See you back next time! Just started a sandwich INSTAGRAM, be my friend.

xxxo Emily


  1. Good looking grilled cheese sandwich and great combinations. :)

    1. 5 years and I just discovered publishing my comments. Thanks Grilled Shane. That is a massive compliment coming from you! LOVE your blog. I should comment more.