THE HUMPDAY ham + emmental

Posting this a little late, just imagine this is a Wednesday.

Happy Humpday you guys. You can lower your eyebrows back down. Humpday, or hump day, is what is better known as Wednesday, as Wednesday marks the middle of the week, that hump you have to get over, before you're leisurely strolling (or running, depending) downhill to the weekend. Glossing over that I'm posting this on a Saturday, and that I'm self-employed, work from home, and the weekend is meaningless, nothing says desperation like burning out on a Wednesday (which I totally did). Here's something comfortingly simple and amply sweet, to get you through the week.

I've heard people say good food is like getting hugged from the inside. Well I'll take one of those, and a convincing "there, there," with a side of funny cat video. I haven't really been writing anything about the ongoings of my life on here lately, because at the moment, things just aren't so carefree and peachy. I feel like I'm drowning in responsibility, and unfinished projects. And personal not super happy fun times, and friends' super duper unhappy, not fun times. Whatever the struggle, I know everyone's been there, or can relate. Being a person is hard. So here's an alimentary hug for all those in need, and everyone who can spare it, show some love. Your friends could use it, even if they aren't showing it. People can be brave like that. Hugs to all of you. Especially to my favourite ones. Creepy winks as well.

This is literally, the most cheerful looking sandwich I could come up with. Doesn't it just look like a bouquet of pansies, that you can give yourself, and then like, eat? Yea. Happy Humpday.

In it:
bread of choice (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
black forest ham (Hogtown Cure house special)
red skin pear
blueberry and cranberry jam
organic butter

Toast the bread. I did mine in a pan, with butter, because bummerdom = feeling self-indulgent. Then mayo and jam. In my opinion, neither are worthwhile, unless they've got that tang. Spread generously.

Black forest ham. I don't eat meat very often, but when I do, I want the good shit. The house roast, local, organic shit, and I want it sliced thickly. If it looks a little dry, it's 'cause I left it in the fridge too many days :( still totally delicious though.

Emmental. Also, left it in the fridge too long, forgot to cut the skin off. What a Wednesday, I'm surprised I managed to dress myself.

Pear! Goes so well with ham. Has a similar texture, is sweet, moist, goes well with cheese. It's like having a bff 3some.

And, here you go.

This seriously looks like a fistful of pansies to me.

And if you think my coffee looks weird, it's because it's an espressado. Wtf is that? It's when you blend coffee/espresso, with milk and avocado, like a coffee smoothie! Ice cream optional. This one's vegan. And I think had banana in it too.

The caffeine and hamwich. Definitely a needed pick-me-up.


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