THE TEA TIME prosciutto + grape + thyme

In this life, I think it's really important everyone have at least one best friend. Someone who comes over in the afternoon, simply because you're both not doing anything. Someone you talk to about every daily occurrence of your life, half of which they're present for. Someone you don't mind eating your groceries. Someone you can do a fancy 4 o'clock tea time with when it's raining, but not because you want to impress them. Just because. Anyway, I don't live in the same country anymore as my bestie, but #throughthemagicoftheinternet I can still say "hey girl" all the time, and "let me make you fancy sandwiches over tea, while I do my laundry in your house."

Also, I finally gave in, and started INSTAGRAM. It's actually so much more fun, and not nearly as pointless as I had thought it would be. What are some good accounts to follow? Hit me up! @glorioussandwiches.

This sandwich kind of reminds me of those finger sandwiches you get at tea rooms, not that I would know. But having no money ever being young and aspiring is like a constant game of "how can I make and have nice things with what I can afford" and it usually turns out ok. Especially when you're in that boat with company. Anyway. I thought it would be interesting. But not try-hard. And it turned out pretty nice if you ask me.

What's in it:
white bean and millet seed gluten free bread
Speck smokey prosciutto
raw Gruyère
sliced red globe grape
fresh thyme
wild bergamot jelly

Spread the bergamot jelly.

Sprinkle fresh thyme leaves.

Gruyère. This stuff is made of cow's milk, is raw, and from Switzerland. Part of the agony of buying cheeses in small quantities is they're impossible to cut. I need a cheese slicer, or a full on deli saw.

Red globe grapes. I sliced them thinly, and scraped out the seeds. I've put smaller seedless grapes on sandwiches before, but the size was always an issue, and the end slices slip out.

Prosciutto! This is Speck. It's very fatty, and not at all salty. And I pretty much hate salty things, so it's rare that I would put anything like this on a sandwich.

Butter that bread.

A few minutes in the pan. If I did this again, I would have toasted the bread first, and kept the inners cold.

How lovely!

Honestly, this sandwich is just pretty.

I seriously love how glassy the grapes look. And with those supple, wispy slices of prosciutto. 

I don't know why I expected the bergamot jelly to taste of flowers and tea, it has a woodsy aroma. Very interesting. Not very sweet. But definitely ads to the sandwich. Have it with tea! I had mine with can-do-no-wrong Earl Grey.

See you next time. Be my INSTAGRAM friend.

xxo Emily

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