THE SONNENALLEE peanut butter + breakfast spreads

Guten Morgen, die Sonne scheint auf du.

This one's a breakfast spreads criss cross. It's like getting six different sandwiches on two pieces of toast. It's like a group hug in your mouth! What?? Check out the full post to see what I mean, and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

When I went to visit my friends in Berlin, I stayed at the place they had, off Sonnenallee, which literally means, 'street basking in the sun.' I have nothing but warm, fond memories of my stay. Berlin was just where I needed to be, and I was with the very dearest of people. I spent my days wandering for hours, mostly alone, in the warm May air. Through the sprawling parks, the concrete monuments. The art filled streets, and colourful apartment blocks. I visited museums, markets, and made new friends, one of whom took me to a WWII mid-city airfield turned guerrilla garden, and late night warehouse parties. Every day was filled with newness, and so much discovery.

But one of my favourite memories of Berlin was sitting around the kitchen table with my friends, eating breakfast. I seem to have this impression of Europeans really liking their breads and jams, but from everyone I've stayed with, it's proven true. So there we sat, in the mornings, still, and quiet, exchanging smiles over the clinking of knives, each of us shuffling around jars of jams and spreads, like it was a ballet.

Here's what's in this Sonnenallee inspired sandwich:
organic peanut butter (one ingredient, just peanuts bro)
Montforte rosa goat cream cheese
blueberry cranberry jam
bergamot jelly
raw creamed honey

All above ingredients are in their rawest, most basic forms. Everything that can be pasteurized isn't, the honey is raw, the cheese is raw, nothing is sweetened, no added sugars, no palm oil in the peanut butter. Tastes amazing, and it's all fucking food.

Here's what you're going to want to do, you're going to pick your spreads, and make vertical stripes on one piece of toast, horizontal on the other.

That way, when you put them together, you get the maximum number of sandwich combinations within sandwich. Sandwichception.

I recommend you put spreads you don't need together on the same piece of toast. As much as I love peanut butter and cream cheese together, I really didn't need a double jam, or jam on honey. #cityplanning.

And when you cut through, you see a line of definitely not all the samesies sandwich. How delightful!

Every bite is kind of a surprise, and all amazing.

So adorbs, no? The perfect minimal effort breakfast idea.

Totally remaking this with some kind of nutella-like spread.

I think I'm gonna go play some chess or something... weird.

xxxxxxo Emily

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