THE BRUSSELS DAY PARADE brussel sprouts + fries grilled cheese

I. Fucking. Love. Brussel sprouts. I eat them every day. I also have deep affection for Brussels. And if you didn't know french fries are actually Belgian, you know now. Here's my salute to Brussels. How I miss that twisted, ugly city. Also, yo Sybille, gardez-le bien à Bruxelles meuf.

Notwithstanding that it's the rape capital of western Europe, and every street neighbouring the train station is lined in broken car window glass, I have deep affection for Brussels. I started going to Brussels while I was living in Lille. Sometimes just for the day. I'd roadtripped there with friends, gone by train, and hitchhiked. Couchsurfed, fallen asleep on a bench. It's an interesting city. A place where it's very apparent there's money, and also no money, without the illusions of separation. There are great little artsy dives, and horrible D-rate knock offs of B-rate French chains, captivating and weird Flemish architecture, and literally, a castle, just chillin' in the middle of the city. Anyway, I didn't really ever think there was a connection to brussel sprouts, the food no one likes, but they actually have little statues of brussel sprouts, and little bunches of green brussel sprouts with smiling faces, flyered all over the city, and waving on street pole flags. Brussels is nothing if not a city with a sense of humour about itself. And if it didn't, it would just be kind of tragic.

Also, you really can't go a block without a fry truck, or a dedicated fry restaurant. Holy shit, do Belgian people love their fries. It's what they're known for in the region, and everywhere you go, you see searing hot, oily, salty, thickly cut, yellow fries being served up, and paraded around town. So lately, feeling those pangs for my old haunts, and a long Sunday afternoon, spent rummaging through the Jeu de Balle flea market, it seemed appropriate to poke fun at Brussels in the most obvious way I knew how. Also, this sandwich wasn't half bad.

Here's what's in it:
bread (Queen St Gluten Free Bakery white bean and millet seed)
roast brussel sprouts
Belgian fries (no, just ones from across the street)
raw cheddar (2 year Isle aux Grues from GCB)
hot sauce
raw creamed honey and grainy Dijon
organic butter
Himalayan salt

So I pre-roast the brussel sprouts by slicing them thinly, and baking them at 350°F for maybe 8-10 mins, lightly oiled with coconut oil. Also, got the fries from the burger joint across the street. Not as good as the ones in Brussels, but fries are fries. I really only eat them when I'm drunk.

I mix my favourite honey with my grainy Dijon. Works better with liquid honey, duh.

Grated cheddar. This one's seriously not bad for a 2 year.

Fries. Add salt.

The main attraction.

More cheese! And some hot sauce, 'cause I was worried this was going to be a beige nap between bread.

And grilled to perfection!

All melty.

Mmm. That looks like straight up drunk food.

I ate it with ketchup. Seemed appropriate. I think I would have enjoyed this more if I were eating it 12 hours later than I did, and like, ferociously drunk, but you can't end your day at lunch. Or something. Cheeeese.

x Emily
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