black & blue apple grilled cheese

This title gets its name from the SMOKED blue cheese used. Take a peek!

Honestly, blue cheese has always freaked me the fuck out. In fact, dairy on the whole had been a source of anxiety for years. I think once, when I was like 10, I had an unfortunate experience with chunky milk, and after that, I was just really, apprehensively, cautious when dealing with dairy. Milk had to be freshly opened, cheese had to be firm, yogurt had to be no more than a nano-second old. Blue cheese was just some scary, and revolting horror my parents kept in the fridge for posterity. Surely. Anyhow, older, wiser, more adventurous, and cheese being the most glorious of human discoveries, I thought it was about time that I tried some blue cheese. This stuff is Blue Haze, a smoked blue cheese from somewhere in Ontario. Appreciably smoky, but with a nice, rounded creaminess that I wasn't anticipating. I was expecting it to be all sharp, with an aftertaste of food poisoning. I guess it's another childhood misconception to let go of, this cheese was the shit!

So here's a take on a classic, the apple grilled cheese:

cinnamon raisin morning grains gluten-free bread
Blue Haze smoked blue cheese
pink lady crispy apple
red onion
raw almonds, chopped
organic butter

Lightly fried up the red onion in some butter, add the almonds to toast in the pan. Assemble:

I added a rub of lemon to the apples for flavour, then decided to chop up some rosemary, and whipped it up in some butter. Spread this directly on the top of the bread, and gave each side of the sandwich a good frying. 

Gooey, and delicious, with a refreshing crunch and tartness. Apples and cheese is sublime. 

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